How to Create a Windows VPS Ec2 Instance on AWS CLOUD and Connect Through RDP

How to Create a Windows VPS Ec2 Instance on AWS CLOUD and Connect Through RDP

Amazon AWS EC2 Service allows you to launch different types of cloud instances (VPS) and pay for them with a pay-per-use approach.

With Amazon EC2 you can create new servers in a few minutes and use different images ) to personalize them.
AWS provides several Microsoft Windows Server Images that enable you to run almost any compatible Windows-based solution. You can use Windows-based applications, websites, and web-services written in .NET, for data processing, media transcoding, and any other task requiring Windows software.

In this video I will how to create an Ec2 VPS Windows Instance and how to connect through RDP so you be able to launch and access your first Amazon EC2 instance running Microsoft Windows Server.

Good Luck!

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28 thoughts on “How to Create a Windows VPS Ec2 Instance on AWS CLOUD and Connect Through RDP

  1. Sir, I have done But when I restarted my PC, there was no link of window to the instance, Do I need to associate Elastic IPs also?

  2. Hello,
    How are you ?
    How can we select a specific region ?
    How can we run window 10 for this instance?
    Looking forward to hear you!

  3. hi, its a very good tutoial. ty.
    i have a question: can i open a windows 10 or normal linux desktop? not server type, just desktop verison of windows or linux.
    and, is there a upload download limitation? (for example is there a limit like 15 gb download or upload)

  4. Hi I have successfully created my VPS and can connect to it. I now need to load a programme and a file on to the VPS but i can not figure out how to do this. Please can you advise if you have a video showing how to do this please?

  5. Hello, when configuring my instance I specified a rule allowing RDP from anywhere. It allowed me connect the first time however it happened that the server shut down while I was working on it all of a sudden and I couldn't reconnect ever since. Any ideas on what might be the issue?

  6. How to use amazon aws public ip4v address with PowerMTA, through which mail can be send from any mailing port ?

  7. if i run for example 3 instance with picking the free tier option, i can run 3 instance for free in one month

  8. I have done everything exactly like yours

    But once I'm turn of my computer, after I'm online I'm need password to login again that being said my VPS offline ??

  9. hi, port 25 is still blocked. Can open it in Security group ? not quite sure how to do that ? edit inbound/outbound rules ?

  10. i did it from the tutorial, clicked conect and windows xp design appeard but i dont know how to do that for a second time (to valid mails)because there is not conect field

  11. how can i get the username and password to log into my mobile RDP.and also the pc name. i keep getting an error message saying the details are incorrect

  12. Hello good day Mr hassan pls if you don't mind I will like you to create a lecture on centos in digital ocean and the installation of WHM panel in the centos server .

  13. Brother, bulk whatsapp not sending messages… Can u check? I think online has disabled scripts…. I tried on 2 desktop and Firefox and chrome both.

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