How To Create Compute (Linux or Windows) in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

How To Create Compute (Linux or Windows) in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Compute, Instance or Machine are used interchangeably and represent a VM or BM shapes in Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud (OCI).

So, are you learning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and want to know:

How To Create a Linux or Windows Machine in OCI?

What are various options like AD, Image Source, Shape, of FD mean?

How To Connect to Linux or Windows Machine on OCI?

In this Video Oracle ACE & Cloud Expert, Atul Kumar from K21 Academy will walk you through the exact steps that You can take to Create Your Linux / Windows Machine on Oracle Cloud.

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18 thoughts on “How To Create Compute (Linux or Windows) in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

  1. Hi , I know its an old video . but I really wanted to try Oracle cloud . But issue I am facing with sign ups? Which Indian cards do they really accept. I tried debit/ credit everytime I got "error in transaction". Can you suggest which specific card I should try. Thank you

  2. Hello do you kon how to deploy my app on Oracle Cloud without Oracle
    container, because i dont have it in my cloud. We don't have the same. I
    am using the free tier. My App is with Angularjs, Nodejs and MOngoDB

  3. Hello Sir…
    I was successfully installation my program on instances.
    but can't connect via the internet.(means I can log in as a SSH via putty but can't find(connect) IP on the internet in the browser after started my program in SSH.)

  4. hello sir, i wish to run my python automation code on a virtual machine(free),how to get the screen of the vm?and how do i schedule it ?i want to run these vms automatically based on a schedule.?

  5. Thanks for sharing, excellent video, I have a problem in Putty when doing the process it sends me an error message: Network error: Connection Time Out, how do I fix it?

  6. Hi! Good video! I have done all the steps. But I don't have the possibility to "Assign public IP address" in Networking because the choice is not there. It leads to no public IP address. What might be the issue?

  7. how do you edit the ssh key? i mean if you want to add another ssh key. from where do you add it? or compute instances

  8. As you said once the first cloud instance is under stress, can we create another compute instance with all the services on the first instance using template?

  9. great video! how can I make my ubuntu image accessable by internet. I have a web application running on my VM on port 8080. Hitting my IP_ADDRESS:8080 is unreachable. What can I do to make it accessable. Thanks a lot

  10. Hi sir, Your video always very informative. i requested to you make a video on how to create vmware vsphere lab because i want to create my vsphere 6.5 lab on oracle cloud platform as soon as possible.



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