17 thoughts on “How To Create & Login to Free HostGator Email – cPanel

  1. Hello, i recently transferred a domain to my hostgator account. What should i do with the existing emails for them to work. should i re recreate them?

  2. Hi Josh, I purchased a Hostgator plan, but never received the initial account email, but somehow I was able to get in to the cPanel. I decided to change my domain name and that’s when everything went wrong my new domain name is not registered I don’t know how to go in and change the user ID that HostGator gave me to a user ID that I want and change the password to a password that I want. So, I called your tech support and they said that I will have to pay to register my new domain name, but my question is what happens to the money I already paid for my old domain plan. I need to speak to someone that speaks fluent English. My email is [email protected] Can I contact you at Hostgator?

  3. I tried to use this email account to send emails with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. I had to use port 587 instead of 465 that the 'Set up Mail Client' page instructed. I am only saying this in case someone else encounters the same problem. Other than that, the video was really useful and helped me a lot.

  4. Do not use host gator! They scammed me multiple times and I am in the process of redesigned my site. My lawyer and I are also filing multiple complaints against their fraudulent behavior.

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