31 thoughts on “How To Create Your Own Personal Cloud Server At Home

  1. Dude, great video, I have a silly question, if I create my own cloud on desktop, is neseccery to keep this pc to still open power? and b) can I used it as and a cloud server?

  2. Can we use it in a reverse way? I want to set up a cloud server such that I can upload files from different devices and see them from one computer.

  3. Firstly, thanks for the tutorial. Easy to follow and install; however, I have several dozen files in the folder I want to share with my friends, and while they can select multiple files, they can't download them. How do you do that?


  4. What the fuck.. 😂😂😀😁 Is it a personal cloud? Then what kind of problem you have with google cloud? 😀😂 You don't even have knowledge about cloud. But nice try. Keep learning. 😀😀😂

  5. hello sir , i need to upload a file from my machine to tonido server. can you please guide me how can i do that. i have to upload a txt file.

  6. You need to adjust your camera settings while shooting your "intro" for your videos. You have too much light on you/your ISO settings are set too high! Please adjust them to make your video look more professional!

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