6 thoughts on “How to deploy a Gatsby Static Website to Google Firebase

  1. continuing: and when I write: "
    firebase deploy" warning: "Error: Not in a Firebase app directory (could not locate firebase.json)"

  2. Hi Teacher! I´m tryng to deploy my website (gatsby) around two weeks and I´m not getting. I write the commad: npm install -g firebase-tool and firebase login:ci –interactive and do the authentication trough out my gmail (those work), but when I decide to write the command: firebase init hosting warming: Error: Failed to authenticate, have you run firebase login? I don´t know what to do 🙁

  3. Hey! Thanks for the great tutorial. I have a question though, does deploying your site reduces the quality of an image? I've uploaded my site and the images look horrible……

  4. Hey, Haydn, thanx for the videos. It is a pleasure to get some info out of them. Until yesterday I used to be deploying my Gatsby web site on Netlify, Gatsby Cloud, and Firebase to test them out which one was better in some ways. But all I understood they are hungry for money. Especially when you reach up to the limits of the free tiers. So, yesterday I tried to deploy the web site to a hosting with Apache server. It looks like my web site works much faster, better, stronger🤪

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