How to do MultiCam in Zoom Meetings

How to do MultiCam in Zoom Meetings

Trying to use two cameras in Zoom? This is a super-easy way to up your zoom meetings and do a MultiCamera setup. Using the tools built into Zoom.

Elgato Camlink 4k: (looks like a lot of these are sold out)
Elgato HD60 S: This is the new version that is in stock

My Gear:
Sony A7III:
Sony 24-70mm:

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25 thoughts on “How to do MultiCam in Zoom Meetings

  1. Great vid! I'm going to try in a conference room tomorrow. The question I have is will this work if all the gadgets are hooked up to a Crestron and feed into the PC, not directly connected like you have here.

  2. Does Zoom record from both cameras when doing this or just the one defined as "Main"? Thanks for the quick & easy video!

  3. Thank you, really! Wonderful quick and easy to understand video! :))) you're really helping out people here! 🙂 thanks again!

  4. Helpful video! I thought this was only possible with an Egato stream deck or something. So I can use my DSLR as one of the external cameras and Zoom?

  5. Thanks – but can I just use my cell phone as the overhead camera, with both the computer and the cell phone signed onto the zoom meeting ? I've tried to do that and the video is fine but the sound reverberates badly regardless of which one I put on mute.

  6. Anyone know if the list of availal;e cameras in Zoom can be edited? I'd like to share a second camera using the method of switching easily between them with "switch camera." — but, the list of cameras in the Zoom dropdown list includes at least a half-dozen that are not currently connected, or are virtual cameras not currently in use. "Switch camera" tries to scroll through all of them, connected or not, and when "switch camera" gets to a wedcam it cannot find, this usually crashes Zoom.

  7. Great video, thanks. I have 2 USB webcams, and both seem to work fine. However, when I share my second camera view (using either of the webcams) I'm getting a blank screen – either green or orange. I've looked in the video settings, but can't find anything that seems relevant. Any suggestions please?

  8. Hi-thanks so much for this! Two questions:
    Will the audio feed only come in via the main camera (the webcam in your video) so that there is no funky echo/feedback?
    Also, is it possible to use a mobile phone as the other camera?

  9. Huge thank you for making this! Whiteboard interviews are so difficult when going from conversation to time at a whiteboard, back to conversation, and setting up a cam on a whiteboard then using the MacBook and having the same audio line (headset, lav, whatever) makes this totally seamless. Life saver!

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