How To Easily Install WordPress With Softaculous

How To Easily Install WordPress With Softaculous

How to install WordPress quickly on HostGator cPanel using a tool called Softaculous. If you’ve chosen to go with WordPress in 2020 for your website, this step by step guide is for you.

In this video you’ll learn:
How to Install WordPress
How to Use the Softaculous Auto Installer
How to Login to WordPress
How to Get To WordPress from cPanel

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous:
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23 thoughts on “How To Easily Install WordPress With Softaculous

  1. Hi, I have purchased domain name and hosting on hostgator. I have installed WordPress. Installation was successfull. But my website domain is getting directed to c panel login page. What am I doing wrong??, can you please help.

  2. Just wanted you to know the Softaculous WordPress Demo links don't work. At one point it says Demo limit exceeded but this is first time I've ever looked at any demos via my CP so I suspect there's something larger wrong with the Sofaculous Demo site.

  3. I did all this steps but its telling me that "you're seeing this page because your domain is setup with the default name servers: … " what can I do, I have updated the DNS to the ones in my account and still is not showing

  4. I have a VPS with you guys and I got this "WordPress cannot be installed in the Free version of Softaculous. Unlock Premium Features" when I tried to install wordpress, and ask me for $10.

  5. I am stucked here too. Having read all the comment I see majority of people here have similar challenge as to how to install wordpress via hostgator platform.
    I ve tried "one click" installation and also tried to install wordpress via softaculous but the response I got is the same which is;
    "the site can't be reached, IP address could not be found"
    I ve opened a support ticket/live chat for them to look into this and I hope this will be resolved as soon as possible.

  6. Hi Josh, Another very helpful tutorial, I don't know if it's already there, it could be, how to redirect a domain if you change hosting within the same hostgator (from Hostgator to Hostgator). Explained with modeling clay, as for children. Thank you

  7. Hi Josh, WordPress installation shows message as " undefined(4%)" and asking for 3-4 minutes waiting. But even after waiting for an hour, WordPress installation is not taking place. Please help.!!

  8. I've been installing WP for several days now but when I click on my link or admin, it doesn't work and it tells me it's impossible to find my ip,how can l fix this ??

  9. Hi Josh, I did all that has been stated in the video but the website is not being reflected. I use domain which I had purchased from go daddy while subscribing to my G-Suite Account. Any help would be appreciated

  10. on the directadmin panel , l have issue installing wordpress. this error i get >>> "The following errors were found :

    The installation package could not be found!" how do i solve the challenge

  11. It's been 3 day since I installed wordpress but when I click on the wp-admin login or my URL it doesn't work why ?

  12. Hi, I have been trying to install wordpress with same procedure but its giving me error that php version should be 5.6 or higher and its not giving any option to update.
    Even tried to talk to support but they didn't help as well.
    I have tried that dozen times, Can you assist on this ??

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