How to ensure SOX, HIPAA, & GDPR Compliance in Dev and Test

How to ensure SOX, HIPAA, & GDPR Compliance in Dev and Test

Delivering fresh, database copies to dev and test while complying with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR is challenging.

Many approaches are inefficient, taking hours, sometimes days, involving multiple backup and restore tasks, and designing data sets that are compliant and won’t expose customer data in the event of a breach. They don’t scale, and rarely meet the needs of DevOps teams working in ever faster cycles.

Chris Unwin, Data Privacy and Protection Specialist at Redgate shows you how to spin up fresh database copies for dev and test in seconds, with whatever level of protection you need – masked data, unmasked data, or synthetic data sets. Including:

– Designing masking models up front so dev and test databases are born compliant
– Creating full copies of databases in seconds that take up only 50 – 60 MB of disk space
– Automating database provisioning as part of Compliant Database DevOps
– Establishing a simple, repeatable, transparent, and auditable process

You also learn about customers who’ve revolutionized database development with SQL Provision. Like, KEPRO, a US health provider, who switched to SQL Provision to comply with HIPAA and is now saving 20 hours a week on database admin.

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