25 thoughts on “How to Get Microsoft Azure RDP/VPS for Free | 2020 [Admin]

  1. Check out my blog-post to find all used links: https://bit.ly/2JBwcaj

    First, as I mentioned in the beginning of the video, only the universities on the video are the only ones eligible: Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and Chicago university. You can apply to these universities from the link above.
    Second, use your personal information; and there is no need to use VPN.
    Third, if the problem persists, contact me at my Instagram @Geek.Blooging

  2. I'm so happy to deal with a trustworthy vendor name EasyCard07 on telegram. He's so legit when it comes to cc and dumps. Just got mine worth 2k$. Thanks to those that recommended him, I'm grateful

  3. broo i just did it , but at the very very end of the azure sign up i got You're not eligible for an Azure free account

  4. hi , i'm trying to make a azure account and i created a edu mail , but when i put my edu mail , i get this

    Sorry but our systems are a detecting a problem with your account and are unable to validate your access

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