How To Go Live Into Facebook Using Zoom - WP Elevation Studio Learning #zoom

How To Go Live Into Facebook Using Zoom – WP Elevation Studio Learning #zoom

Unsure of how to turn a Zoom meeting into a live webinar on Facebook you have total control over? Watch the latest WP Elevation Studio session with Ray Milidoni where he walks through what you need to do to go live on Facebook.

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There are a great many benefits to hosting a live webinar on Facebook. But if you want to do this on behalf of your brand (instead of just showing off to friends and family how beautiful your Hawaii vacation is), you will need more controls than what Facebook inherently offers. One option that allows you to to create your live webinar is Zoom.

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45 thoughts on “How To Go Live Into Facebook Using Zoom – WP Elevation Studio Learning #zoom

  1. Thank you for this help, question, i am a zoom pro, and I don't see that more …… on my screen, do I need to have a business plan in other to do this ? thank you.

  2. How can I promote my Facebook Live video from Zoom? So as to have attendees and people know when its scheduled on FB.

  3. That part was easy for me. What I'm having a hard time with is once you've gone live, do you keep that initial window open in order to be able to see and respond to live chat?

  4. May god bless your tutorial, thank you for such a clean and simple to understand video! It was just what I needed right now.

  5. This is a good tutorial but I see you have gone through the elevation management. So I had a read through zoom websites and I think webinar is not free it is a paid service. Am I right?

  6. Hello if I set up zoom ages ago with facebook and did not click public, how do I go and change that setting to public now? thank you

  7. So I figured it out on my laptop, but can’t connect my zoom meetings to fb live on my phone, is it even possible on your phone?

  8. Use this tool to upload a pre-recorded video and broadcast it live across multiple Facebook pages and multiple Facebook account from one dashboard. This is a complete set n forget system.

  9. Facebook seems got an update on their live features. I recently found myself stuck. can you perhaps made a new video for the new version? tq

    For get a certificate from my webinar, fill the form sir, and request you pass information to u r Faculty

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