How to Host a Python Socket Server Online (For Free)

How to Host a Python Socket Server Online (For Free)

This tutorial will walk you through hosting a python socket server online where it can be accessed and connected to from anywhere. We will setup a headless linux server and transfer our server side code there. After running the code from our server we will connect our clients.

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50 thoughts on “How to Host a Python Socket Server Online (For Free)

  1. Hello, Tim! I am interested with your tutorials, I have a question for you. Could i hosting my public IP?

  2. I have a rasberri pi4 and a mobile network specifically for it, I want to make this pi for my server it has everything I need but please idk how to host a global server access from anywhere from my host (pi4)

  3. I'm getting a truncation error on my client when I try to connect to the server on linode. It consistently caps my game file at about 3,000 bytes.
    Is this a known limitation of linode? Or have you heard of this before? Thanks!

  4. Hey Tim, I am need to replicate ftp protocol. I need a server, currently is there any way to send message to my public ip from any ip

  5. Great video! Can you provide a link for the video where you wrote your game and socket connection?

  6. Maybe you could do a thing like this but with a browser "game" like javascript game, python server for multiplayer 🙂

  7. Plz help!!!!
    I want to play a game made by me with my cousin brother who lives in other city. But as I trust him so, how can I do this without any extra things like linode,etc. It will be just me and him playing the game.
    Can I host a temporary server from my comp and a client from my comp and he just have to open the game.

  8. Possible tutorial on hosting at home such as using an old laptop? Ive tried portforwarding and using the external IP but it still times out and acts like the server was never open. Any ideas? Minecraft server hosting worked so its pretty weird.

  9. I want to play with a friend of mine, whom I trust. How can we directly connect without all the external stuff?

  10. This video covered everything I needed to know right now 💯👍🏻 on Mac I followed along but using the built-in Terminal instead of installing Putty and just do Shell > New Remote Connection and then use FileZilla for the FTP 😊

  11. Hi Tim, Do you have any experience in hosting python socket server in Google Cloud? I was trying similar server code on Google Cloud instead of Linode. So the server code runs on Google Cloud and for the client code on my PC I used the external IP provided by Google for my VM instance. However, I cant really connect to this (external IP, port 5555), though I tried to allow connections over this port (modify firewall rules). I guess I need to give a try to Linode at least for now

  12. Nice tutorial! Does anyone know how to give my game a link so if someone types in the link in google you enter the game??

  13. Screen -l
    Screen -d <the attached screen>
    That will reopen it for u, so u can just remonitor the logging, and terminate it by ctrl+c

  14. How can I host my server on my pc? I wanna play my game with a friend so I want my pc on host the server.

  15. Instead of doing that can i copy and then connect to the ubuntu server and than write nano and then paste the code and save it as

  16. Question: can you use a pyinstaller (client.exe) with linode? I followed this video and was able to run your tictactoe off the linode server (, but a client.exe (created by pyinstaller) would not run. I'm looking into it and will post the answer if I find it, but figured I'd give it a shot here 1st. Thanks

  17. You'll see this warning. It say security breach. It's not a big deal at all. I love this video. Out of context, it can be taken very wrong.

  18. This is awesome. Thank you.

    I wonder how its possible to host your own linux server and use it for pygame. Maybe something for a future tutorial

  19. This is super cool. Would serializing the data over the transmission be an improvement, or is there already so much “under the hood” optimization that it wouldn’t matter?

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