How to host a REACT APP IN UNDER 10 MINUTES (EASY 2018) #grindreel

How to host a REACT APP IN UNDER 10 MINUTES (EASY 2018) #grindreel

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26 thoughts on “How to host a REACT APP IN UNDER 10 MINUTES (EASY 2018) #grindreel

  1. You really helped me out with this video. I hope you are granted true peace and happiness in life, you may not know me but you help me SO MUCH in my career as an engineer

  2. After I have used "npm build " command and then deployed the app on heroku using heroku CLI , can I make changes to my code and then deploy it again with necessary changes on heroku again ?

  3. Is there a problem if we get a message like this upon installing netlify?

    $ npm install netlify-cli -g

    npm WARN deprecated [email protected]:

    npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: Please see

  4. hi joshua, thanks for tutorials .
    i have error that i couldn't find reason .
    token : aaaaa.bbbbb
    jwtVerifyErorr: malformed
    why do i get token by 1 dot?!

  5. If u know about infinity free….can u please upload a video explaining….how to host our react app in infinity free.

  6. Thank you very much for this video. It helped a lot. There are many ways to deploy but this was the easiest!

  7. Just finish a bunch of React projects and want to learn deployment. Github pages are so complicated while netlify is super straight forward! Thanks for the video, you are my saviour, XD.

  8. hello Joshua, just had a chance to see your great of setting up a react application and deploying it on a server, using git and yarn and npm and visual studio. Darn' all that in 10 mins.

    Thank you very much man.
    I am a software engineer and physicist, your teachings are helping me a lot.

    Please keep it up man.


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