How to host a website for FREE - Google Firebase Website Hosting Tutorial Step By Step for beginners

How to host a website for FREE – Google Firebase Website Hosting Tutorial Step By Step for beginners

In this Video, we will be hosting a static website for absolutely free. 

A Static website is a website which does not have any dynamic rendering and does not have service side rendering. It can still talk to APIs.

We will use Google Firebase Hosting as our hosting provider. Google Firebase provides free web hosting for 1GB of data and 10GB of data transfer limit for a month.

You can also connect to your custom domain in the basic plan and have many projects and websites running in that shared resource.

Install NodeJs:

Once Node is installed, install google firebase tools in your computer
npm install -g firebase-tools

Google console link

Login to firebase
firebase login

Itinialize project
Once you are in your project folder, use “firebase init” to initialize your project.

Deploy Project
Create a public folder and paste all your files in there, once that is done use “firebase deploy” to deploy your project

That’s it.
Easy website hosting in under 10 minutes 🙂

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  2. Hello, I have a problem, it says: "Welcome Firebase Hosting Setup Complete

    You're seeing this because you've successfully setup Firebase Hosting. Now it's time to go build something extraordinary!"

    What I have to do? Please I need help. Thanks

  3. How to edit the project I want to use the same domain name but for a different project, please help.

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  6. how to upload file in firebase hosting website?
    could you help me to show upload file in firebase web hosting?

  7. Should we need credit card for free google firebase hosting ?
    Can we host our .NET CORE WebApi in that for free ?

  8. sameer your tut is very great, can you please show me how to make form page work on firebase? i want to host a website that has form for customers to fill then i get the reports in my email.

  9. Firebase CLI Login Failed
    The firebase CLI login was rejected or an error occurred. Please run firebase login again or contact support. The login step failed by popping up this error message 👆. Please help 😒

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  11. Hi, I have a phpmailer on my website. Will that works when I use firebase as hosting?
    Because I used infinityfree and I can't send email with phpmailer but I can send when it's on my localhost. Thanks!

  12. I have a few backend scripts and npm packages, two collections, one database (using MongoDB) and the site is a single page application. Am not sure how to deploy this on firebase for free. Thanks though!!!

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