How To Host A Website With Shared Hosting?

How To Host A Website With Shared Hosting?

For hosting a website with Shared Hosting, firstly, you need to decide the type of website you want, i.e. static or dynamic. Depending on the type of website, you need to choose the hosting server, i.e. Linux or Windows. If you need an open-source OS, which is easily customizable, then go for Linux. Whereas, Windows is a commissioned OS, ideal for the ones who don’t fell in need of getting programming information. Nextly, you need to select a web hosting plan from the hosting types like Shared, VPS. Dedicated, for which this blog could help you: After that you need to change your DNS Address, then upload your website.

This video will give you an in-depth understanding of how to host a website with Shared Hosting or any other hosting type.

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