How to Host and Install Any PHP Script Online in 10 Minutes? | Example: Xerochat from Codecanyon

How to Host and Install Any PHP Script Online in 10 Minutes? | Example: Xerochat from Codecanyon

If you are a PHP Developer, or anyone who bought a PHP Script and wants to host and install this PHP script (web application) Online, Then You are in the right place.

In this tutorial, I will show you a step by step guide on how to Install any PHP Script Online in 10 minutes and I will pass by the main concepts like:

Creating a VPS Server
Configuring the Server USing Putty SSH Client
Uploading File to the Server using WinSCP
Installing PHP Modules
Managing MySQL Databases
Setup cronjobs
Mapping our Domain Name

I will Host an Example Script called “XEROCHAT Facebook Marketing application” which requires some PHP modules, a Database, and some cronjobs.

So it will be a good example to use in order to understand almost all the concepts that may face you while hosting and installing a PHP Application.

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42 thoughts on “How to Host and Install Any PHP Script Online in 10 Minutes? | Example: Xerochat from Codecanyon

  1. مشكور على الشرح الوافي
    لكن يوجد شئ لم تشرحه ولم توضحه في الشرح
    وهو ال cron job !
    أين الأوامر التي يجب أن اقوم بلصقها في محرر الcron job ؟؟
    وأنا دخلت الى الشرح في المدونة أيضاً ولم أجدها

  2. if i installed a php script on a vps server then can i make that vps server a smtp server to sending bulk emails

  3. not acces in my site Not Found

    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

  4. Hello hassan
    I cant login after logging out just buy script. What happed I only login once . Cant get recovery email. Help

  5. Hello H – EDUCATE.
    Can u help me? I have problem when i want to install Trapecode particularité for after effects.

    When i start installing it. ..A MISSING HOSTS message coming
    *"" some products require hosts applications which are not installed on this computer. Selection of these products for install will be disabled.

  6. Hello H-Educate, Thanks for your amazing tutorials. And what about google cloud platform ?

  7. Can I just create a new folder inside my WP site files and just unzip the script there, and access it in my-site/folder?

    Or does the folder needs to be outside the site, meaning stand-alone application?

  8. Would you please reply about how to set username, password, database for in localhost phpmyadmin , nulled script?

  9. Is this also possible in Heroku or something similar? I have heard there are a lot of other considerations and knowledge to actually use digital ocean for non developers.

  10. I'm studying various types of language. Your using linux command.
    What's the difference from using a linux terminal vs cpannel.

    All this can be done in cpannel.

    Do you have a tutatorial on using the cpannel on the back end of the hosting?

  11. your channel is great all videos are informative can u plz tell me how to sell this service on fiverr i mean if we don't have money how we will provide this service to client ? and further if i try this for my self what will be the total expense .. buying the saas service and buy domain 2 things would be required or any other additional expense ?

  12. Good video bhai

    Reply zaror krna mene 1 website creator ko order dya ta website banane k.

    Abb woho banda bar bar paise mang rahy hai. Domain, hosting, Awer script unho ne buy kya hai. Awer tora website bhe bhe banaya hai .
    Please Tora batana k abb woho mujy woho script ya Koi awer chez de deo to me usme login hoskta ho .

  13. i cannot believe the comments. this guy is clear enough and people are still having issues asking retarded questions? if you cannot follow a simple tutorial, quit this shit and get a job in a factory.

  14. Great video..please make a video on installation of zender. It is also there in codecanyon…hope you do so.thank you

  15. i just want to know whether the nulled scripts are bogus or useful, i just downloaded couple of nulled scripts from various websites and tried many ways to install them but none of them worked, i think they are all corrupt, i just wanted to use for learning purpose, but not a single one is working…

  16. I am getting Error 500 after unzipping the file and placing it on upper directory after renaming to html in var/www/html. Did we have to set the permission or something in here?
    Thank you

  17. i have a mafia game script in php its a full backup tar gz file i have uploaded it added the database the users and admin paswswords etc but im still getting error 503

  18. thank you so much i use Hostgator and i tried to upload PHP script but I failed I tried for several time but isn't work for me

  19. Seriously Buddy… That was helpful but I wanted a solution to install php software on the server directly without using any third party.
    You used digital ocean. If I had money to use digital ocean, I should have purchased the course and not come on youtube to view your video…
    Anyways Thanks for help. It really cleared a lot of my concepts.

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