How to Host Dynamic WebSite on S3 With Routing ?

How to Host Dynamic WebSite on S3 With Routing ?

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What exactly do you mean by the “Dynamic website” term?
How to host a Dynamic website in s3 bucket?
S3 Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is a service offered by Amazon Web Services that provides object storage through a web service interface. Amazon S3 uses the same scalable storage infrastructure that uses to run its global e-commerce network
Route53 Amazon Route 53 is a scalable and highly available Domain Name System service. Released on December 5, 2010, it is part of’s cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services. The name is a reference to TCP or UDP port 53, where DNS server requests are addressed
WAF is AWS managed firewall. The purpose of it is to filter your traffic in order to enhance the security of your web application. There is actually no direct relation between static/dynamic content and AWS WAF. Web Hosting
What is S3? What is Route53?
How to host the Website on S3?
Routing with Route53?
Host website on Aws
How to host static website on S3?
Can we host dynamic website on S3?
How To Host A Dynamic PHP Website On Amazon EC2 And Static Website On S3.
How To Set Up A Custom Domain For Your S3 Website.
Host Website on Aws

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11 thoughts on “How to Host Dynamic WebSite on S3 With Routing ?

  1. For those who wants to save your time, this video does nothing about static / dynamic.
    Simply how to host a site in s3 and setup the custom domain. Still informative though.

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