How to host java web application to cpanel

How to host java web application to cpanel

For Java Hosting you can visit below websites.

How to host html website on cpanel

How to host spring boot web application to cpanel

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  1. hi, amazing channel and video i have java project on netbeans and I want to connected with MySQL on vps server from GoDaddy buy it's not work with me so is it because of server or I should buy plan like you from mochahost

  2. Are they support maven projects? Can I create maven project with spring boot and deploy as single war file will it work?

  3. hy sir when i try to deploy war file iget erro session expired when contact support tell me i need to change ip dynamique to static but i dont can can yu help me

  4. Thank you so much.

    I just developed a Java JEE application and I need to put it online. Thank you that will help me.

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