How to host java web application using aws.

How to host java web application using aws.

Host tomcat application using AWS. This video uploaded by Adeep My IT Solution Private Limited. This is only for education purpose.
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8 thoughts on “How to host java web application using aws.

  1. Hi akash, Thank you so much for your information.
    I have a Java Web 2.0 web application programmed with Eclipse Java. The implementation is based on JPA and JAX-RS with RESTful web services.
    My question is how to put such an application online with all the database?
    I tried with several other hosting services, it did not work. The site is always displayed without the tables containing the databases.
    Even with AWS and following your directions too, I couldn't. Here the site does not even appear.
    How can I do?

    Thank you,

  2. I want to migrate a java application using sprig mvc and mysql database t free tier so that I can get some practical exposure . Should I go for EC2 and install eclipse etc or deploy through bean stalk? As its for learning purpose so I dont want to incur any charges. Can you pls guide how to go ahead?

  3. Does it allow us to have a SSL certificate for our url?? We are trying to host our java web app on various cloud platforms and all denied permission to use webcam as it was not having HTTPS. On further searching, we found that SSL certificate is necessary to give permission for webcam. If AWS provides it, then it will be easy for us.

  4. Brother my struts 2 project shows an error
    502 proxy error
    The proxy server received and invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET/.
    Reason – Error reading from remote server.

    Please help me this issue sir it's urgent for my college project.

  5. Hi akash, thanks for the information, much appreciated.

    Could you please tell me how to connect to database from my local desktop, I'm getting tns errors, seems I have to configure some security groups, I'm stuck here. Also how can I run insert or update statements

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