37 thoughts on “How to Host Java Web Application with MySql Database Free in

  1. Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

    getting this error

  2. Thanks budy, Your video didn't solve my problem but i got the interesting idea form here. So thanks for this

  3. very good video. my webapp has file uploading features. what path should provide to upload and download image file..plz help

  4. hi sir i want to deploy my jsp/servlet project with hibernation framework with mysql database but When i go the login page write username and password they give server error what is the issues kindly reply me as soon as possible

  5. Thanks for this great video!
    I have my java web app with oracle db and I would like to host it on a remote server. Any suggestions how can I do that?

  6. Trail version is for one month ?..what are the step for continuing after one month and how much it will be cost ?

  7. what if I already have my own domain?…I want host with my domain…Please tell me how to go about this

  8. After deploying when click on open in browser it shows an empty page… Instead the start page of my project

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