16 thoughts on “How to host multiple website in single web hosting on hostinger

  1. I want to use sydney theme in 1 site, & later want other site to be LMS online coaching site..can I embed link of online course in sydney theme or my other website?

  2. मेरी सलाह मानो इस विडिओ को reupload करो फालतू की बकवास काट के

  3. मेरे hosting में कुछ प्रॉब्लम हो गया है
    Please help me 6203883360

  4. Jaisa apne kaha , hostinger H pannel provide karta hay, premium hosting may ohh alag alag website ko alag alag H pannel provide karta hay Kya…? Kya fir one hee H pannel provide karta hay sari websites keliye..?

  5. I wanted to host multiple websites in my account. Not sure if I can install multiple wordress websites for different domains.

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