How To Host Multiple Websites With cPanel And Web Host Manager

How To Host Multiple Websites With cPanel And Web Host Manager

In this video tutorial I teach you two ways how to host multiple websites with cPanel and Web Host Manager.

(1) Add-on Domains – I first show how to use an existing cPanel account to create an add-on domain inside. The main downside to this is all websites will share the same cPanel, which means anyone that has access, has access to everything.

(2) Reseller Account – The second way I show utilizes a Reseller account to have access to Web Host Manager where you can create multiple cPanel accounts. Much more effective for those with clients/customers that need their very own cPanel as well as more resources.

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10 thoughts on “How To Host Multiple Websites With cPanel And Web Host Manager

  1. Thank Goodness! this answers all my questions, i want to be a freelancer on making website, I was contemplating if I have to host my client's website on my own hosting so now I know the risk behind it, I m just gonna use my turbo package to my other personal websites then 🙂 I 've purchased it last two months, and been happy so far! Thanks Ryan!

  2. Great video Ryan! What's the difference between a specified number of client accounts and unlimited accounts on your reseller packages? Each one specifies 40,60,80 Client Accounts but in the packages it says unlimited accounts? Thanks again! Love Namehero and awesome videos!

  3. Looks good value,like the free SSL options…also exact information I was looking for,well presented.

  4. Even if you get a reseller account you are sharing a server. Unless you have a dedicated server you will share.

  5. So what happens if you get more than the suitable number of visitors? Is it just a suggested number or some sort of a hard limit?

  6. Hey there, how does your service cope with multi regions? We are based in the Uk and have sites that service mostly Euopre and Africa, I am guiessing your servers are in the U.S.

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