How to Host Multiple WordPress Sites on One Server with Cloudways

How to Host Multiple WordPress Sites on One Server with Cloudways

Learn how ridiculously easy it is to host multiple WordPress websites on one Cloudways server in this short video tutorial. In fact, Cloudways lets you host unlimited WordPress sites on a single server starting at just $10/month.

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15 thoughts on “How to Host Multiple WordPress Sites on One Server with Cloudways

  1. Thanks Tony, Im really looking at using Cloudways so thanks for this. One thing – many servers that offer WordPress these days have CPanel, which offers pretty simple install of WordPress (fill in desired username etc) then one-click

  2. Hi Tony, are you a web developer? I am having an overload issue on Cloudways with my Ram and Data usage. I need someone to help me fix it.

  3. I was building an affiliate website with Elementor page builder on just a vultr server and as you know Elementor loads tons and tons of css and javascript. Some pages were taking 8seconds to load. I saw cloudways had a 3day trial so I booted up a server and installed the same website onto cloudways out of curiosity and the site is loading in under a second now according to pingdom! I love cloudways. I still want to build a server stack from scratch like cloudways on my own though, but need to do the research.

  4. Awesome video man, quite simple to understand. But is their any option to use some panel, if not C-panel that any other where we can have options like File manager and php?

  5. You can't imagine how you are helping me and other noobs server users like me! Thank you Tony and i will make sure to use your links whenever i sign up for any of these services. I have a question, Can you please do a tutorial on how to setup email on the server? I mean on cpanel i was just creating email accounts and it automatically generates all the required info like POP3 & Imap configuration but i don't know if i can do the same without the need to cpanel using cloudways platform?

  6. Yaay 🙂

    Once I went Cloudways I never went back, even though I'm a techy guy and a network engineer with years of WordPress under my belt. I'm looking forward to more Cloudways videos.

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