How to host python/django/flask app on cpanel | @godaddy | @cpanel

How to host python/django/flask app on cpanel | @godaddy | @cpanel

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How to host python/Django/flask app on Cpanel | @godaddy | @cpanel

Most of the people are eagre to finding the python/ Django/ flask web app hosting solution on Cpanel so, here is the tutorial follow the steps and host your web app on GoDaddy

PLAN YOU required to get “Setup python app” application

Note: To get going with Python, you’ll need a server. We recommend a GoDaddy VPS or a full dedicated server if you’re ready to take total control. Additionally, various GoDaddy shared hosting plans — including Deluxe, Premium, Unlimited, or Ultimate Linux Web and Classic — support Python. (Note: It is not available on cPanel and Plesk Economy shared hosting accounts.) Now, you might be asking yourself, “What kind of hosting account do I have?” Simply log into your account, locate the Products tab, then expand your view of Servers by clicking the “+” button to the left. You should see which kind of server account you own.

Here is the link of plans detail:

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5 thoughts on “How to host python/django/flask app on cpanel | @godaddy | @cpanel

  1. Hi, I have a VPS Server in godaddy but I do not see the Python App in the Cpanel. What to do? Is there any steps required for it?

  2. I am running a wordpress site on godaddy. now I would like to host a python script for getting datas from a database and then use it in my wordpress site . how should i do it? I would really appreciate your help

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