18 thoughts on “How to host your own git repository on Onedrive/Dropbox/GoogleDrive

  1. After a bit more than 5 years, this is still awesome! This is how tutorial/howtos should be made. No unnecessary elaborations, no shortcuts. Thank you!

  2. how can I actually have my files in the server? What should I do to be able to deploy a web application that I push to my server using git?

  3. Awesome idea to use OneDrive for hosting a git repository. However, I think it would be better to set up a small server for it and install a nice front-end for it. That way you'll get more features out of your server!

    I recently started using Gogs and it's basically your very own GitHub-like website where you can manage git repositories and keep track of issues. It's also very lightweight.
    Check out my tutorial on how to install Gogs on a Linux server (even on a Raspberry Pi!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deSfX0gqefE

  4. Hey!!! nice tutorial..one question, suppose I setup google drive folder as a repository, then I uninstall google drive from my local machine, so after this can I be able to clone this repo to my local machine using url? I mean you used file path for cloning, but what if we uses url which directly point to our google drive folder?
    If this is possible I dont have to setup google drive on local machine every time i need a new clone on new local machine 🙂

  5. Why not just use a service like BitBucket that offers free private repositories?  OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage services dramatically limit the amount of space you can use and you lose the benefits of the git specific tools such as issue tracking that git hosting services provide.

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