49 thoughts on “How to host your website for free

  1. i struggled 5hours i swear to god i was so angry cause i watched all the videos and nothing seemed to work
    thank you so much for this video
    im not that type of person that writes a comment and english is not my language
    but i wanted to thank you for this video cause it is so helpful

  2. I uploaded a file on the site, but it is still on the "deployment" stage since yesterday at 7:30 pm . is that normal?

  3. its 2020, but the custom domain requires you to pay… i thought it was free. It has to have a .netlify.app at the end, can't remove it. HELP!!

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  5. After i published the website in netlify is the website will appear for others after few years also ? This publish is only for quite amount of time or lifetime ?

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  8. Hey kevin, just a quick question… is there a storage limit to hosting static sites on netlify..? and can I host maybe a few project blog sites..?

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  12. Thank you so much for this video! I struggled to find a free place to host my portfolio this video helped me a lot!!

  13. great content, love it i come with an update I use shorturl.at/puPX6 for Free web hosting, with your own domain so its cool please keep uploading content. !!

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  15. And about Static hosting you can do SPA (Single Page Application) websites like in Angular, React, Vue frameworks so your web server are working on customer browser. As database you can use NoSQL database Firebase it's free untill you have small trafic.

  16. There is a firebase too. And it might be not only for static pages. You can use Firebase functions to auto generate pages like regular server. Functions are for free. Each month you got 1-2 milions free function calls (above it cost about 0.4 USD per milion. Really cheap). It works like it's turning on in one second mini server and generate what ever you want and turn's off.

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