How to install and setup Elasticsearch in Ubuntu - Magento 2 Tutorial

How to install and setup Elasticsearch in Ubuntu – Magento 2 Tutorial

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0:00 Intro
1:25 Installing JDK 1.8
2:50 Installing Elasticsearch
5:20 Setting Elasticsearch to autorun
8:55 Configuring Elasticsearch
10:58 Configuring Magento

Elasticsearch is a search engine that runs on your web server and is designed to improve the performance and accuracy of search queries. In this case, searching for products within your website. It’s not difficult to setup, but there are a lot of steps. So, in this video I’ll walk you through installing Elasticsearch in Ubuntu and then setting up Magento 2.

By default, Magento 2 uses MySQL to work as the search engine alongside its base functionality. However, MySQL will no longer be supported as the search engine as of Magento 2.4. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get ahead of these changes.

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12 thoughts on “How to install and setup Elasticsearch in Ubuntu – Magento 2 Tutorial

  1. Hi Craig, thank you for the video. I followed your tutorial and even the tested says its successful but the search does not seem to work. It says there are no items matching your criteria, but when i use mysql everything works just fine. Any ideas? I'm on a Linux with magento 2.3.5p1, and elastic search version 7.7. Thanks in advance.

  2. I upgrade to 2.4 , elastic 7 is ok. But about 8-10 hours, the elasticsearch will No Alive Nodes and have to restart. After restart elasticsearch it will be ok but hours later it broken again. main.CRITICAL: No alive nodes found in your cluster {"exception":"[object] (Elasticsearch\Common\Exceptions\NoNodesAvailableException(code: 0): No alive nodes found in your cluster at /var/www/html/vendor/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/src/Elasticsearch/ConnectionPool/StaticNoPingConnectionPool.php:50)"}

  3. ES 6.9 with 2.3.5 caused product sorting backwards. Before was New Products on the top. Now goes opposite way. Do you know why?

  4. Thank you. I cannot find Elasticsearch 7 in magento 2.3.4 backend after I installed. I follow all steps and seems very step is correct. and also category do not have products showing

  5. Thank you, Craig, for all your tutorials. Is ElacticSearch a free service? What are the authentications fields (in the Magento configuration screen) for?

  6. Thank you for the tutorial.
    1) Is the tutorial still valid on Ubuntu 20.04?
    2) I have a special situation here. I have migrated from the latest Magento from 1.9 to Magento 2.4.
    I have migrated first, then installed Elasticsearch 7.6, then Java 1.8 (yes, I know…the incorrect order of installation)
    My problem now is that I don't get any results on my searches.
    Is there a way to correct this?


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