27 thoughts on “How to Install Free SSL Certificate on Any WordPress Website – Any Hosting Using Let's Encrypt 2018

  1. Hi! I got a problem with the plugin ssl on wordpress. I follow the normal procedure but it doesn't work out. I'd like to know if you have a tip to solve it. Thanks in advance!

  2. When I change my link HTTP to HTTPS and installing the plugin I got the padlock…… So is the website got an SSL certificate ? plz help me

  3. i have used zero ssl wordpress plugin and installed the certificates as well.. But still the "privacy" error show while i open the website. You suggest what could be the issue ?

  4. Hi Nayyar.. We have made ecommerce site on the website builder shiprocket.social which they offer as free platform. they created website adding subname abc2.shiprocket.social. they have instructed how to divert this site with your domain name by adding the value in CNAME in DNS. As a layman as instructed we have mapped our domain with that and thats works perfectly alright if someone type our domain name they come on that site. In simple like google site. Now the problem I face is with our domain name site open with "Not Secure" remarks. which definitely create trust issue with consumer. although when checkout page is reached then it opens on primary domain page i.e. shiprocket.social/checkout which is secure page. kindly let us know how can we solve this is issue as I dont have cpanel access and they said thats okay with their end. how can I have secure page till the time consumer is on page which is with our domain name. Plz help.. Thanks in adavence

  5. I tried with cloudflare. I have a website hosted with Hostinger. I changed the nameservers. Its been 3 weeks. Yet its not issued. Can you help?

  6. I did all settings in really simple ssl. But still showing red error. Ur site is not secured. Pls show in hostinger. I use cloudflare.

  7. How is it done on a free hosting profreehost.com. Here we are told to generate the keys and then upload to the SSL PAGE

  8. when i put the S in http it messed everything up every time i try to go on my website no matter what browser i go to they say This site can’t provide a secure connection and doesn't let me in can you help

  9. hello.. sir i got free SSl with my hosting of hostinger but some how SSL Install with my website has been canceled. Reason: Canceled because it is addon of deleted addon domain.. So can i get that free SSl? Again or have to be purchase?

  10. I am getting a red page error that you showed in the video,
    The error came up when I installed cloudflare ssl manually…
    My hosting provider is HosterPK…
    Please help me fix this or upload a video… Please…
    I have removed the new certificate because of error but the old one is expiring on August 26…
    Please upload video for this topic

  11. free hosting and free ssl both required then what to do..
    i have a solution for this, that u make account on netlify and use free hosting and free ssl via netlify..

  12. Hi bro i followed your step on the 1step only after changing url my site showing error "this site can't provide a secure connection " please help me out now i cant change it back because i cant log in to wp dashboard

  13. Hello sir Mai Pradeep Maine aapki har Ak vedio Dekh chuka …kaphi knowledge gain hui … aapki English bhi kaphi acchi hai ….kiase kee Aapne ..

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