How to Install Free SSL From Let's Encrypt on any Shared Hosting via SSH with Auto Renewal Cron Job

How to Install Free SSL From Let's Encrypt on any Shared Hosting via SSH with Auto Renewal Cron Job

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1. Install from git
git clone
cd ./
./ –install

2. Just issue a cert –issue -d -d -w /home/lmb1qouswwc9/public_html

3. Automatically Install Certificate, Also it will automatically renewed after 60 or 90 days(depend on config | optional) –install-cert -d
–ca-file ca.cer
–fullchain-file fullchain.cer
–reloadcmd “service apache2 force-reload”

In this video we are going to get an SSL certificate for your website free of cost using let’s encrypt via SSH. It will be renewed automatically before expiration period. I will show you , step by step, the process to get SSL from Lets encrypt. If we talk about Let’s encrypt. We will get the script copied to your hosting. We will Install script on hosting, you don’t need to have root access for this.We will get an SSL certificate by running a simple script. Finally will Installing certificate using cpanel, Let’s get Started.
Firstly you will need Cpanel and SSH login details ready with you. You may get this at the time of Domain & Hosting Registration. Secondly you will need a very simple software namely Putty to connect to a hosting server via ssh. You don’t require any knowledge to use it, I will show step by steps commands. Go to and get a standalone version.
To get SSH login details, If you have a Godaddy hosting provider then after login to the website, go to my products and then under the web hosting, click on manage. Then under the settings panel, click on server tab, here you will get an ip address for login to SSH. Also if you don’t have ssh enabled you can click on managed then enabled it. Open putty software. Add IP address under Host name and keep port to 22 as it is. Then choose the connection type to SSH. Click on Open. Login credential will be the same as your cpanel credential. Type username and password to connect. When you type a password you will not see anything. Just hit enter after typing your password. After login we will install script on your host to get ssl. Just copy this git command. git clone Before doing this I will show where this will save script and ssl on your cpanel so login to cpanel as well to see the location. After login to cpanel click on File Manager. You will be presented with the root directory for your hosting account. This will be the place where script will be saved. So go back to putty paste the command you have copied then right click on black screen and hit enter. Files will be automatically copied from github to your host. Then copy the next command to enter into the folder just created.
cd ./
Paste command by right clicking and hit enter.
I will show scripts where have been saved in your hosting. Just reload, you will see a new folder with the name Click on it. These are files which have been copied from github.
2. Now we want to install a script. Okay so far good. Copy installation command
./ –install
and go back to putty right click and hit enter. Script will be installed. You might get a warning to install socat script but you can simply ignore this as it is not required one. By this type cron job script also be run on your script. You can confirm this by going to Cron Jobs setting on cpanel. This will check regularly on a daily basis if you have an ssl certificate expired or not, if expired then will get a new one automatically. I will change this setting to run it on a daily basis automatically. You can keep all settings as it is. Don’t need it to change.
3. Next we will get an SSL certificate. Close the putty and reopen if you do not do so will get an error. I will show you error. Copy this command before coping just replace the hosting username and domain name with yours. –issue -d -d -w /home/lmb1qouswwc9/public_html
Right click and hit enter. You will get errors if you do not close and reopen putty software. So I am closing it and reopening it . Login again.
Copy the command then right click on putty then hit enter. Hurray, we finally get the SSL certificates. So let’s see where it has been saved on our hosting. Open File manager, here in the root directory you can see there are 2 new folders names. We will check inside the folder. Under your domain name folder you will get all certificates required to be installed.
4. Finally we are going to install certificates. There are 2 methods,1st is automatic which requires a simple command to be run. 2. Manual installation via cpanel. I will show both.
Copy code from 3 step, before coping please replace the domain name with yours.
Go back to putty right click on it and hit enter.

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  1. Sachin, I sincerely appreciate this video. I was using Free SSL plugin for WordPress. However, they informed me that soon they are going to remove the automatic update feature in their plugin. For site admins who want the automatic feature, they want us to purchase the premium plugin. This alleviates that need. Thank you! Also, for a novice like me, it was quite easy to follow and execute. Just a quick question: will it work if I use a wildcard (*.domain.ext) for all current subdomains and any subdomains I add in the future? Or, do I have to go through this whole process again each time I add a subdomain?

  2. Thank you very much brother, your video helped me solve a problem which I was facing since few days. 🙂

    As per this video, we have applied an SSL cerificate to "" and ""

    Also, can we apply this SSL certificate to other child domains like ?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Thank You. I was searching this type of guide from several days and this became important for me since zerossl started it's own certificate.

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