How to Install Godaddy SSL Certificate for Free - Zero SSL: LetsEncrypt Cpanel installation cPanel

How to Install Godaddy SSL Certificate for Free – Zero SSL: LetsEncrypt Cpanel installation cPanel

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How to install ZEROSSL Certificate

Select Cert & Domain (Valid for 90 Days for free, 1-year for Premium)
Creat CSR & Validatioin (Generate CSR, One-Step SSL Validation)
Certificate Issued (Install Certificate and Site Secured DONE)

FAQ -Google

Does GoDaddy offer free SSL certificate?
GoDaddy doesn’t offer a free SSL Certificate, but luckily you can install a free SSL using let’s encrypt free SSL. This will work if you are using shared web hosting.

Free GoDaddy SSL Certificate: Install Let’s Encrypt Using the Free Temporary Standard SSL | SSL Certificates

Meanwhile, you will receive a request once it complete.

It is quite easy to install and perform this task on yourself, However, it was quite complicated. This suggesting you should follow the step carefully so you would not get any error. Ensure that you have stable internet connectivity.
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