40 thoughts on “How to install SSL Certificate in CPanel Shared Hosting for FREE?

  1. I followed all steps, it shows green mark in cpanel and success message which says "SSL is successfully installed" but my website still shows security warning. Can you help me whats the issue?

  2. Good day am Wisdom from Nigeria, am unavailable to install that SSL on my cpanel with my smart phone after watching your videos

  3. Thanks for the helpful tutorial but on the chrome it shows that's its not secure while on other platforms its shows that it's secure
    please help

  4. Thanks for the information about the SSL certificate.

    I have purchased an SSL certificate from www.datasoft.ws

  5. Awesome video, but if i search for website without using the https:// tag it doesnt automatically connect to the https:// version and still says not secure, how can i fix this? update
    1:) Really simple SSL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/
    2:) Simple link directory: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-link-directory/
    3:) SSL insecure content fixer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ssl-insecure-content-fixer/

  6. I don't get any of the 2 files. When I click manual verification it shows error , and ask me to regenerate again

  7. I'm a software engineering graduate, and I really want to thank you for such a nice help in setting an SSL up. Keep it up.

  8. I bought greengeeks hosting before 16 days, they didn't activate it and every time I contact them they told me it will be activated soon, for 12days and I didn't get anything, so I asked for my money back, as are they mentioned on their website that you have 30 days money back guarantee, but in reality they're lying there is no hosting and no money back, they took my 75$ so they will take your money too, GreenGeeks is just a thief company, so if you want to keep your money I advise you to avoid them, look for other web hosting company like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Namecheap …

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