How to Install Varnish Cache on Your Nginx Server

How to Install Varnish Cache on Your Nginx Server

Learn how to install a Varnish cache server on Nginx in this step-by-step tutorial that will also explain how Varnish helps to speed up your website (wether that’s WordPress, WooCommerce, or something else).

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11 thoughts on “How to Install Varnish Cache on Your Nginx Server

  1. Hey Tony, Amazing Video. 👏🏻
    Could you Make a Tutorial on setting up Reverse Proxy with Apache + Nginx + Varnish Cache Setup and Redis from Scratch. Thank You!

  2. Could you make one video tutorial varnish + ngnix + Apache php fhp + memcached I watch your all tutorial but all is single and different software depending

  3. Do you think varnish and redis will much faster work together under the Ubuntu ? I’m thinking to do lemp reverse proxy varnish and redis cache 😂

  4. is there any plugin required after this installation on wordpress site? also how can I create rules for some particular pages?

  5. Can I control Varnish, the way cloudways or other hosting services control, to stop varnish and to restart varnish whenever required?

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