How To Install Wordpress Locally 2020

How To Install WordPress Locally 2020

In this video I will show you how to install WordPress locally onto your PC or Mac within minutes.

Download Bitnami WordPress here:

Installing Bitnami allows you to create a website locally before buying a domain and launching your site for the world to see.

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34 thoughts on “How To Install WordPress Locally 2020

  1. OK did this on Mac and I have no idea what the username and password is, since I was not asked to fill in any when installing the file… That means I can not go on the dashboard and start editing the site. Any advice here?

  2. HI bro, is it possible to make multiple websites using locally installed WordPress and migrate that one by one once we need only? by the way thanks for the video.

  3. Having a major problem installing WordPress because I don't have the requisite vc_runtimeMinimum_x64.msi. Then it says something that the older version cannot be removed.

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  5. Ok, so, now i can edit my local project, but… When im finished with that, can i use it for a real page? And how?

  6. Can't finish my installation…the box "stackman wants to make changes" and my user name & password are required, but I don't have either since I haven't finished the installation yet.

  7. what is the directory to the locally created sites ? Checked in My Documents and inside " C:Bitnamiwordpress-5.5.1-1 " but couldnt find any name of the site I created… I mean how will I upload my offline site to a hosting ?

  8. thanks ! fianlly what I was looking for… all videos out there only talks about "buy hosting" and then install wordpress… no chance to practice offline first…

  9. Do you know how I can edit someone else WordPress website, I have a friend that needs help editing his website, do you know how I can gain access to his website from my local computer?

  10. Great job on the video. The bitnami package has been slightly updated since your video it seems. It now offers a single click implementation of WordPress in the cloud (which sort of defeats the purpose of local installation), and it offers SMTP (email) integration during setup. You can choose not to do either of these options when presented and the install works exactly as your video describes.

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