How to Install WordPress Locally On Your Computer | 2019

How to Install WordPress Locally On Your Computer | 2019

Hey! In this video I show you How to Install WordPress Locally On Your Computer so you can build a website WITHOUT a domain name or web hosting plan. Although if you want that website to go LIVE on the internet, you’ll need those 2 things.

WordPress Install (Bitnami):

Where to get a DOMAIN and WEB HOSTING (note – Iโ€™ll earn a small commission and youโ€™ll earn a discount when you use this link):



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35 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress Locally On Your Computer | 2019

  1. Thank you very much you were more help then Yahoo and i have service with them but not for long keep up the good work

  2. Why go to Bitnami to download WordPress, and not ? . . . Why not go straight to the source ?

  3. thanks for sharing with us great content., im installing with that procedure but i got one error call, v child, i have no idea what isn't. so i didn't get wp on my pc.


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  5. Installed on D drive, completing all steps. Had the Hello page locally. Referred back to the video. that page disappeared. Went to the D drive and not there. I see no replies to anything.

  6. My install gets stuck at "Waiting for MySQL to Start" and a blank black window pops up. Any tips on how to get past that point?

  7. is this the I am confused with the .org and .com. in your previous video you said we have to download the .org. please can someone help me.

  8. When I download this app, will I be able to create with the drag and drop features without doing a bunch of coding?

  9. Thank you very much! I am going to create a local site to import my purchased theme so I can see how to program it for my live website. Wish me success. Thank you! I wish you all the best! love from Southern California, USA.

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  11. Nice video but I think I have a pretty basic question: I want to use a particular theme. Do I still need to go to Bitnami and download the wordpress stack? Or does that happen when I download the theme directly? (doing this all locally while I build the site)

  12. So you're telling me I can't host a wordpress website live on my home computer without a hosting plan? hmm What about home self hosting

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  14. you are awesome dude! for months I have been trying and thinking my computer couldn't support wordpress installation and in one click you helped me!

  15. I got error like page not found.why it was came, i would follow each and every from ur video. But y it happens, i want solution for this error.let me clarify on the error and solution for that.

  16. @Create a Pro Website is it possible to move an existing WordPress site to your Local machine. I literally cannot find any tutorials to move an existing WordPress locally, is that even possible, and if so that might be a video will surely find valuable. Thank you for any info.

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