How to Install WordPress on HostGator in December 2020 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

How to Install WordPress on HostGator in December 2020 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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Choose HostGator’s Hatchling plan (cheapest option and great for WordPress). You can also use coupon “coffeemoney” to get 1c hosting for your first month if you’d rather do that! Complete the order form and click Checkout Now. You’ll be taken to the new HostGator dashboard.


Now it’s time to Install WordPress. Click hosting, then click on cPanel. Inside cPanel, click on QuickInstall.

Just choose your domain, enter your site title and username, then click Install and they’ll do the setup for you in the famous 1-click WordPress Install.


Time to login and customize your content. We have some great videos to get your blog or website looking beautiful.

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So, it’s your day, launch your website today. Let me know any questions and please search the channel for any blogging or WordPress advice you might need – it’s all here for you!

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41 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress on HostGator in December 2020 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

  1. 08:11 Maybe you know this already, but this was a serious mistake on your behalf. Better change your login information. BTW, great video, Greg.

  2. Hi @Greg When I install wordpress it is hsowing this error "Error Details

    Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location" Could you help to fix this

  3. Hey Greg! Did you ever create a video to show how to fix the red X once you've attempted to install wordpress??

  4. Hi! I am getting the red X when I try to install WordPress, you said you linked a video below on this but I cant seem to find it, please could you help? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Greg, I need help! When I go to C-panel, click Quick Install, and then click WordPress, I get the dropdown box asking me to Select Domain for Installation…. BUT THERE IS NOTHING THERE?! No domain appears for me to click. I definitely have a domain but can't seem to select it. Your help would be so appreciated.

  6. i need install the wordpress in hostgator, but when i do, automatically change my php version to 7.3 at 5.4!!!

  7. Question…please. I know that I can upgrade to the Hatchling to Baby plan for instance. But if I purchase a 1 year plan can I upgrade to 2 or 3 years at any time before my 1 year plan comes to an end?

  8. I wanted to cancel my package because of 30seconds loading time and ended up losing hundreds of dollars because no-refund policy.

  9. I messed up and purchased my domain through Word Press first and have the premium plan. My sites already up and running but I’m very limited in what I can do. If I download host gater would that give me more access?? I’m starting a blog and decided to make a website for fun. Lolol it’s day 3 and I’m proud of my work but I think I missed a lot of steps.

  10. Dude, you should tell the users that if they have a different domain from a different website, they need to connect it to hostgator first or else they will have more problems later. Also declare when you have affiliate links in your videos! Let ppl know that you're earning from it too.

  11. Hi Greg, I can't seem to locate Cpanel, which also means I can't seem to install WordPress. I have been playing around all morning, clicking on all links, nothing seem to link me to the Cpanel with the WordPress installation icon. any advice? I only just paid for my domain with Hostgator, is there a window period I have to wait? thanks!

  12. GATORHOST is robbing me. I did all you did, exactly the same…i get no cpanel…i got no email like the one you show….there is just no excuse…if they are going to put a robot on this process then make sure the fuc#ing thing works…shitty site…shitty service.

  13. Hi there! I'm now getting a "Sarafi Failed to Open Page"error message when I go to my domain and when I go to my, any suggestions why? Any help would be appreciated. I purchased my domain through WordPress.

  14. I'm having a problem with installing WordPress into HostGator…I already have a HostGator builder site & I'm trying to make it into a WordPress site…I installed the theme but it looks exactly the same!!!

  15. Help!!! im getting ip address cant be found when i tried logging into word press in the end stages of your video. i got my user name and password and the green tick. **cries*

  16. Hi Greg, can you please help me, after installing wordpress if i have my domain hosted somewhere else and linked to hostgator whats the next step? You mentioned you have shown that in a video with link below, but i didnt find any such link. Please help , thank you.

  17. I was hesitant about using Host Gator and creating a Word-Press website–your tutorial was great. I got my site up and running just by following along with your video. I'm on to the next stage (designing).

  18. I follow your tutorial and bought a plan on hostgator and choose option webbuilder. Now there is no way to install wordpress and this is what customer service told me I see that you have signed up for web builder platform at On our platform, we provide template based drag and drop tools to create the website. I am sorry, it is not possible to install WordPress on our platform. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
    12:15 am
    I follow tutorial from youtube where this guy informed his video was sponsored by hostgator so Im hoping there is a way to install wordpress and he recommended to buy in hostgator , how is it possible
    in tutorial he advice to choose website builder option than install wordpress. In this case I want to cancel my plan, how do I apply for 30 days warranty return

  19. I already had an account on hostgator, so I just purchased a new domain.
    But its not showing in hosting sections. What should I do

  20. what about if I have the baby plan and I want to start a second website?? I'm trying to buy domain using hostgator but these videos are just for single domain use like yours

  21. thank you even though I'm not a new word press user i haven't logged into my account in 3 years thank you for the refresher course…

  22. Thank you Greg for all your help. I am a beginner and need all the help I can get . You did a great tutorial of WordPress Installation

  23. Hello! I hope you'd answer my question. I accidentally pressed on website builder instead of website hosting and made the whole purchase. Since I have no knowledge about programming, I didn't know how to proceed and I didn't have the choice to install WordPress. I wonder If there is a way to correct that choice I made without paying again. Thank you.

  24. Hi Greg, this is maybe some tech issues, after 60% installation WordPress there is a domain name in which we are able to open a new tap tp access it. But the new tap with the new domain name from WordPress is displaying, THIS ADDRESS CAN NOT BE FIND. I try to empty some files which the same result, I don't know how to get really the software.

  25. hi Greg, i have folow your video, i was just monking you step by step, my problem i have red cress after wordpress instalation, it keep telling me INSTALATION DIRECTORY IS NOT EMPTY. please consult me how to get it,

  26. Yes I got a red "X" saying please install to an empty location. I really need help and I can't see the link below to fix this. Thanks

  27. Please help Greg…

    My domains is still “Domain Pending: Provisioning in progress” after 24 hours…

    It seems nothing will change…

    What to do…

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