How To Install Wordpress On Namecheap 2021 🔥 + SSL & Email Setup [Tutorial: beginners buying guide]

How To Install WordPress On Namecheap 2021 + SSL & Email Setup [Tutorial: beginners buying guide]

Want to learn how to buy and install WordPress on Namecheap correctly? In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show how to do this quickly and provide tips and tricks along the way. I will also show you how to save some money and get a discount when you purchase Namecheap through my special link below.

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In this complete tutorial guide for beginners, I break the video down into the following sections:
1. How to purchase your hosting the right way
2. How to register and connect your domain
3. How to install WordPress onto your website and configure basic settings on Namecheap’s dashboard

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00:00 – Overview and bonus
00:36 – How to buy Namecheap at a discounted price
01:08 – How to choose the best hosting plan with Namecheap
04:57 – How to install WordPress on Namecheap with the one-click method
06:25 – How to install an SSL certificate and secure your website
06:57 – How to create an email account with Namecheap Hosting

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This video is about How To Buy & Install WordPress On Namecheap

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3 thoughts on “How To Install WordPress On Namecheap 2021 + SSL & Email Setup [Tutorial: beginners buying guide]

  1. My certificate is self signed. I tried to remove it and it removed.

    Pressed auto fill by domain….same issue.

  2. Nice video! Quick question, i am using the default "Website builder" namecheap provides. I want to create a download button that downloads a file from my site. Right now i have the file on mediafire, but i dont want to have to redirect them there. It allows me to make something with HTML so maybe I use that to make the download button? Any help would be appreciated 🙂 thank you

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