How to  Install WordPress on Namecheap Shared Hosting

How to Install WordPress on Namecheap Shared Hosting

This is How to Install WordPress on your Namecheap Shared Hosting.
if you are using Shared Hosting from Namecheap, this video will show you how to install and setup WordPress on your Webhost.

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Namecheap tutorial – install WordPress .

Change DNS settings / change Nameservers for your domain.

Video Transcript:

hi and welcome to this namecheap
in this tutorial you’re going to see how
to install wordpress on your shared
hosting plan
as you can also look at the wordpress
the managed wordpress hosting solution
and these are the pricing for that so if
you want wordpress only
then this is a better solution for you
if you’re sure that you only want to run
one press
however if you have the shared hosting
let’s see how you can install wordpress
so a breakdown of what you’re going to
do in this video the first thing we’re
going to do is we’re going to see how
you can change
the dns settings for your domain so that
it points to the cloud
it points to the name chip hosting
servers and then
number two you’re going to see how to
install wordpress and then i’m going to
change the wordpress theme and then
after that i’m going to show you how you
use a plugin to set up a child theme so
if you’re running wordpress
you’ve got to have a child theme you
must run a website with your child team
because without a child theme you lose
any changes that you make
to that to that wordpress theme so let’s
get started right away and if you don’t
your cpanel password password and you
can log in
to your cpanel using your domain name
cpanel but if you don’t use see panel
password just log into
namecheap and then come into the domain
that you want to work with
and go into manage click on manage and
for me i want to work with this domain
because this is a domain this is the
domain that has hosting
okay so you can look at the products for every domain and for me if i come here
under products
you’ll see that my domain has hosting as
so this is the only domain that has that
so we need to change the name servers
and the name servers are what’s going to
tell the
internet where to go when people visit
our domain
so to change your name servers just go
back to domain
and then if you scroll down you’re going
to see this section that says
this section that says name servers so
here under name servers you need to
choose the name servers for namecheap
so for me my domain is being hosted by
and therefore i’m just going to i’m just
going to select
namecheap web hosting dns so that’s the
one that you need to choose if
you’re not you’re not being hosted on
namecheap use custom dns and then
use the the name servers for that other
for that other hosting platform
so maybe you’re using bluehost you can
use the and
and then you’ll click there to save but
since you’re
using namecheap shared hosting you’ll
just choose that and then click on
save and you may need to give it some
time so that it can propagate
and as soon as it propagates you will be
able to access your
site so the next thing of course we want
to do is we want to go to the cpanel
and then see how to install wordpress so
for that i’m just going to i’m just
going to come here under products
and then here you can see i have hosting
i can click on
i can just click there and then i’ll go
to the cpanel and that’s going to
redirect me to the cpanel

and i won’t even have to log in so i’m
just going to get redirected to the
and once you’re here the next thing we
need to do is we need to
install wordpress so let’s just scroll
down and find
the installer software installer so here
under software installer
i’ll just i’ll just click their
wordpress manager
by softaculas so i’m just going to
i’m going to click on that and this
allows me to install wordpress
step by step so i’m just going to click
there and i’m going to click on install
and i will be able to choose all the
details all the settings that i need
for my wordpress choose the version you
want to install of course you want to
install the latest and currently
5.53 is the latest version of wordpress
just choose the latest
version there and then installation url
for me i’m going to choose
so i don’t know if my website already
has ssl but even if it doesn’t
i can do that in another video how to
set it up so
i’m just going to choose that domain and
this is just a sample domain with this
sample hosting
that i use for tutorial purposes so i’m
going to
set up that leave that as it is the
domain name choose your domain name


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