How to install WordPress on to your hosting package | 123-reg Support

How to install WordPress on to your hosting package | 123-reg Support

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to install WordPress onto your 123-reg web hosting package.

WordPress is a great choice for anyone looking for easy solution to create, publish and manage content. It’s not only the most popular content management system but also one of the most widely-used blog platforms.

This video includes all the steps you need to follow to install WordPress and start using it. Begin by logging in to your 123-reg control panel and then go to your hosting package. Next, click on the WordPress blog icon and start the installation set-up.

For complete steps and a transcript of this video, check out the following article from our support website:

11 thoughts on “How to install WordPress on to your hosting package | 123-reg Support

  1. very old video, terrible hosting…no one uses this type of complex cpanel again, it's not like what you show here, its completely different

  2. Do NOT use 123 Reg. They use auto-renew and take money out of your bank… and when you get back to them, telling them you do not want renewal they basically say "tough luck buddy". They have taken £258 from my bank, and refuse to refund it, even as a gesture of goodwill. They are an awful company.

  3. WordPress one click install is available through the business package but not on the essentials package if that helps anyone.

  4. The wordpress blog icon doesn't show only Roundcube & Webmail. Why is this feature not available for longstanding customers and only on the 'New Package'?

  5. Am I the only one when you finish the installation it doesn't direct you to the wordpress page in the video? How do you get to the wordpress signup page?? It's impossible!

  6. Hello, I installed a Divi theme and it turned to White screen but if I go back to 2014 theme it goes back to normal.

    How can I fix this on your hosting?

  7. Is there a way of doing this without paying a ridiculous £80 as it looks like the website has been updated since this video as there's no 'CGI Scripts' section. If you can't then this video should've been taken down you unorganised morons

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