How to Install Wordpress on Vultr + SSL Certificate in 5 mins

How to Install WordPress on Vultr + SSL Certificate in 5 mins

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wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo
sudo wo site create –wp –letsencrypt

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Deploy a new server.
Select Cloud compute.
The server location will depend on your audience. It’s always convenient to choose the location closest to your target audience to make it work faster.
In server Type, you must select 64 bit OS, and Debian, and the last version.
Also you should select a size for your server. Remember that you can upgrade the server size at any time.

Point the DNS of your domain to the server. For this, you have to copy the server address and go to the domain.
In my case I have it in NameCheap, but it’s similar with the oher domain providers. Now, you have to look for the DNS section. Here, you must add an A record with your IP address. In hostname, type @. In some domain providers, you should leave this field empty.

Then, create another one with www in hostname and the same address.
Once you changed it, you must wait at least 20 or 30 minutes before continuing with the following steps. This is to ensure that the DNS change takes effect.
To be completely sure if your DNS is changed, you can go to and enter your domain. Here you should see the new IP.

Now we back to Vultr, and go to the server. And click on the console.
Enter the username and password listed on the server. You’re gonna find it here.
Now, we have to install Wordops, which is a tool to install WordPress easily.
It will ask for a name and an email.
And now, we have to install the site.

And voila, you already have WordPress installed with SSL certificate. Here you will find the username and password to log into WordPress.

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12 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress on Vultr + SSL Certificate in 5 mins

  1. At the last step I received failed information. And now my website can not be accessed, hic. Can you help me? My website was shut down.

  2. Worked like a charm thanks, but wished I didn't go the vps route for starters lol don't no what I'm doing.

    Do the ssl cert update automatically or do we do that manually? If manually how do we do it?

    Could you do a follow up video on how to add ftp?


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