How To Install WordPress On Your Local Computer & Migrate To Live Web Hosting

How To Install WordPress On Your Local Computer & Migrate To Live Web Hosting

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a local development environment so that you can build websites on your local computer then migrate them to your web hosting account.


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43 thoughts on “How To Install WordPress On Your Local Computer & Migrate To Live Web Hosting

  1. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this tutorial. There seem to be an issue when live link is shared with client. Background images doesn't seem to work using its live link . Have you encountered this issue as well? Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for this video. This method saves a lot of time as some clients have very bad hosting and working on those hosting is equal to wasting time.

  3. 7:58 Before keying in your WordPress username, password and mail, I guess you need to have created those separately somewhere? Thanks in advance for clarifying.

  4. It is named Local but it doesn't work fast like local site. When you will install woocommerce then it will be slower than a website hosted on VPS or cloud, It will just save your bill that you can keep your site data as long as you want.. but it is actually slower than any popular hosting service

  5. It says the certicate is self signed "Super fake certificate" and therefore the security error shows regardless of trusting the certicate. I'm on Windows 10 … Any ideas? Edit: Chrome ALWAYS shows a closed padlock even when I don't trust it. IE and Firefox always give some sort of warning. However, upon further inspection, when you click on the padlock for more information in all browsers, it does say wither it is trusted or not. But there's still always some kind of warning in all browsers, so I'm not sure about the use.

  6. lol. I was on the "cutting edge" back in 1996 through 2003. Used AOLPress and some Perl scripts. Created some of the 1st ever web sites with sound and then big tech passed me like a freight train. Thank you for posting this video.

  7. This was great and I will use it for creating new sites. Thank you – On a slightly related topic, have you done a recent video on best ways we can use a staging site. I'm on bluehost and i see they have a staging facility but before I get too far down the line, i'm looking for advice. Basically i'm just looking for a way to 1. make a fresh staging clone of Live site 2. make changes on staging site and test 3. when successful, migrate just those changes to live site. – right now, all i have are questions i'm researching (like: how to have same working plugins on both (some paid for 1 site only), what if someone else makes changes to live site while working on clone – as long as changes not same files,no harm? Does migration only pick up changes?). Ie: Best practices for Staging in the wordpress world? I'll keep researching in meantime and thanks for all your videos and especially enjoyed your catch all live Q & A the other day.

  8. I really appreciate the extra detail you add to the procedures you describe. You make it very easy to understand and follow. Thank you!

  9. Thanks a bunch Adam. I don't know if you say my questions that I posted (then deleted as I figured them out). But I am now working full steam ahead… FINALLY! Finally, meaning, I have been wanting to have a local install for years and kept postponing it (knowing all well) that it would be make my work flow so much easier. Now I can download sites and install and troubleshoot so so so much easier.

    BTW, I signed up for your Elementor course a couple years ago, would I still find it useful with all the updates that have come out and your video tutorials being relevant? (ya, I have procrastinated a little bit). 🙂

    Thank you for all you do. Adam

  10. I am trying to set up, WordPress in my localhost (XAMP), first of all, I have created a new DB with the name (Project1) – Php myadmin , when I full the information for ( Database name and Database username ) to run my app with WordPress, I get the result (Error establishing a database connection).Error establishing a database connection

  11. Hello Adam! From Brazil here! 🇧🇷
    You're amazing! Your videos have helped me a lot with my company Manary Digital which I just opened.
    I don't know if this video is the right one but I wanted to develop the websites and when I finished them have the possibility to show to my clients so they can see how it's going to be and then I put it online….is that possible ? If yes, this video will help with that?

  12. You talk about Mac as if it is not a PC.
    Mac is a PC: a MacPC
    MacOS is run on a MacPC
    Windows is run on a x86-64 PC
    Linux is run on a x86-64 PC
    Why did you not mention the Linux download alternative?
    I stopped viewing your presentation after 4 minutes too disturbed by all this.

  13. Okay WTF

    im very confused…

    ive been having problems trying to do this exact thing but when i contact WPvivid support they tell me their plugin doesn't support Local – Flywheel????

  14. I installed it, but keep running in a problem with port 80. I love to have it working but I'm not technical enough to sort out the interference with the port conflict. I spend a whole day investigating, but without any result. I have VM Ware running as well as TeamViewer. Perhaps they conflict over the port.

  15. Local just isn't working for me. I can't log back into my live site it keep taking me to the Local site and even in the Local site there are login issues.

  16. sir, when i restore 9gb backup file from the help of All in One Migration Pro its show "Unable to import

    Your PHP is 32-bit. In order to import your file, please change your PHP version to 64-bit and try again." Sir how to fix that issue?

  17. Thanks Adam, I am trying it again after the Mac version had loading issues. Today I downloaded it and it seems to have been fixed except Version 5.2.4+2399, the latest, but unlike your screen at 5:27 does not show the option to change the web server to Apache. Would it still export as nginx to Apache?

  18. Great video! I'm trying to migrate an old static site (all html) to wordpress, and I was thinking about using this method. The idea would be fill all the content locally while the static site is live. Once I finish creating the new articles, i would move to the main domain site, replacing the static files. However, I'm not sure about how the format of the URL's will be once I move everything to the Internet.

  19. I wish I didn't have to work (trouble shoot) to get it to work. I'll check out one of your suggested alternatives.

  20. thank you for your videos. you are a big part of helping me to set up a business that is humming in the background at low eXpense while I get it together. I set up google hosting but have no idea how to support myself and altho cloudways is that support – its out of financial reach for now/ feeding fruit salad to the pigs. So once I've practiced building sites and trying things out thru local I'll be sure to use your link up top when I'm ready to share space on siteground to start my journey.

  21. just a heads up, with the new sitetool by siteground, it might be better to do manually. They now generate the database name and user, and prevent you from changing the DB name and DB username (which sucks for developers who work with WordPress locally), so the process hangs and stalls during the restoration process with wpvivid.

  22. Adam,you always add something of value to the WP community. Why don't you cover downloading an old site to local from the web. What plugin backup do you recommend for backing up a live site to drop into local by flywheel? That would make an interesting video. Thanks

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