How-to Make A Cheap Personal Server Using A Pogoplug V2

How-to Make A Cheap Personal Server Using A Pogoplug V2

Visit for more details. This tutorial shows how to install ArchLinux ARM on your Pogoplug v2 (either POGO-E02 or POGO-E02G), which will be the foundation for making your own personal Linux/Apache/MySQL/phpMyAdmin server, your own private GIT server, converting a standard printer into a network printer, and more.
I also show how to change the status light on your Pogoplug from orange to green and how to configure it to do so automatically when your Pogoplug starts up. This tutorial was created using an unmodified Pogoplug v2 and a Sandisk Cruzer Glide 4GB USB flash drive.
*UPDATE* – Check out a MUCH better option, using a Raspberry Pi for your server:

9 thoughts on “How-to Make A Cheap Personal Server Using A Pogoplug V2

  1. Thanks a lot for the great tutorial. I've successfully installed everything and ArchLinux is up and running with no problems, however I'd like to know if you could help me out with a couple of issues:
    1.The light doesn't switch to green after rebooting, even after adding the info to /etc/rc.local. It has to be done by hand.
    2. By following another tutorial that complements yours, I was able to add LAMP using the following command: "pacman -Sy apache mysql php" and then loaded: "pacman -Sy lynx" for apache control, everything Installed OK. I then added an http user, edited /etc/hosts.conf to check for my hostname (which was "localhost"), but when trying to edit "/etc/rc.conf" to make the hostname match, I found I didn't have this file created, as when trying to start apache with "/etc/rc.d/httpd start", I also didn't have the required files Installed, which I thought where installed when downloading LAMP via pacman.
    Any ideas on how to fix it?


  2. i typed out "wget" but I get "wget: cant open 'mke2fs' : Read-only system" any advice?

  3. If you go to the arch linux wiki and select platform and your device It usually includes factory reset instructions. For pogo v4 format a thumb drive to FAT32 and create a revert file. Unplug your pogo and insert your drive. Reboot.

  4. I did save these two commands
    echo none > /sys/class/leds/status:blue:health/trigger
    echo default-on > /sys/class/leds/status:green:health/trigger

    in /etc/rc.local and and even to rc.config but when pogoplug reboot the yellow come on instead of green, dont know why?

  5. Hey, did you ever make the video on how to reset the pogoplug back to factory? I can't find it on your channel, thanks!

    nice video btw.

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