How To Make A Dedicated Server -  Unreal Engine 4.25

How To Make A Dedicated Server – Unreal Engine 4.25

Hello guys welcome to another tutorial. Today I will show you guys how to compile a dedicated server for your own game. This will allow you to host your own server, and have anyone join it from across the world. I demonstrate this by putting the packaged final game on a usb and running it from my laptop on a mobile hotspot. I join the dedicated server hosted on my home network and you can see both players running around etc. My next tutorial will hopefully detail how to create a better user interface to hide all the inner workings of the main menu and joining a server.

Download Unreal From The Source:

Download Visual Studio 2017 Community:

36 thoughts on “How To Make A Dedicated Server – Unreal Engine 4.25

  1. So, do you have to do a big chunk of this process every time you want to test server? Switching between source an launcher versions of UE4 and indexing going with it seem like a LOT of wasted time

  2. Hah thats easy! was thinking i have to build it more in UE, so aslong you make everything correct it runs smooth!

  3. Hi, its for a something like battle royale, i mean for example 20 People should join to the map or level and.. You know, something like fall guys

  4. To get unreal source code follow these steps

    Go to epic games launcher
    Go to Manage account
    Go to connections
    Go to accounts it will open on apps
    Link Github to unreal account
    Follow email invite to unreals git hub page
    Download the version your game is made with
    Extract to root drive e.g. C: or you will get filename too long error
    Run Setup.bat – This will check for dependencies
    If missing dependencies from Visual Studio 2017 go and install them from VS 2017 installer
    After that is finished and it says done, allow access to Unreal to install prerequisites
    Then run GenerateProgramFiles.bat
    Open Ue4.sln with VS 2017
    Make sure build settings are Developer Editor and Win64
    Right-click on Ue4 in the solution explorer and build
    You should now have a open-source version of unreal

  5. @Smart Poly So when I try to update the shortcut it says The name "G:Unreal ProjectsMORPG… /Game" etc. "specified in the Target box is not valid." Any idea why adding the /Game part and on is not functioning?

  6. Hello there, at first I wish to thank you for your tutorial. But I can't get it working. I followed all your steps, but when I connect to the server it doesn't load the servermap, but the ThirdPersonExampleMap. Any idea how I can fix this?

  7. Could you make a video about the difference between a listen server and a standalone server in terms of how to implement features in C++? Like what’s the design differences one should think about while writing features 🙂

  8. Super tutorial! Only me so stupid. I must have tried this at least 15 times, but I cannot get it to work properly. I use the latest engine version, 4.26.2 and I created the map(s), packaged, created the server exe. All without errors. So far, so good. But when I try to connect ( or my external server IP) the map that was active during packaging shows up. Never the server map. I'm about this far from giving up… PLz help anyone?

  9. Will It also work with android games
    And Will it be able to connect between mobile player with computer player

  10. I can only get it to work locally. I've followed numerous tutorials on port forwarding with my router and none of them worked.

  11. Hey there, I was wondering if there is a way to track packet size of the basic movement of characters in this type of configuration. I'd like to limit clients to less than 80 bytes per 150 ms to update server to avoid bottle necks to fit as many players on screen as possible,

  12. Im at the 10minute where we build the project for the server. I get an error Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

    Error Could not find definition for module 'MyProject', (referenced via MyProjectServer.Target.cs) MyProject3 D:ProgramsMMOMyProject3IntermediateProjectFilesUnrealBuildTool 1

  13. Why in my case it takes so long to compile? I'm waiting one hour, and i have 15% only… (4:02)
    CPU: i5-6500, ssd, 16gb ram

  14. Much too complicated, too error-prone during configuration. In addition, the link can no longer be accessed even as a member of the GitHub community. Also, due to the extremely negative complexity of setting up a simple dedicated server, I am convinced that there is a lot of catching up to do with regard to the simplicity of the setup. It shouldn't be that a server application needs far more installation steps than, for example, a Linux operating system that I can complete and ready-to-use in 5 minutes via a USB stick setup installation (MX-Linux). Here, all coders should focus on this and, in my opinion, the major disadvantage of the setup through to do improvements in the code. Greetings from Germany.

  15. Help! Where can I download the files except in github? because even though I already sign in my github account, it keeps showing me the "404 this is not the web page you are looking for".

  16. Hello. Quick question about dedicated servers. Say I want to spin up my own servers for testing using my other PC (i6700k 16gb ram) how would I go about creating options for different game modes. Like if ppl just wanted to play Deathmatch on a map, or Bomb on another, how would I make that happen? Is it possible to have some form of UMG widget on my server builds# that allows me to set the settings for each server I instantiate? How many servers can I run at once for a 5v5 competitive shooter?

  17. Make sure to make an inbound rule for port 7777 in the firewall settings on your windows machine if have trouble connecting from another computer

  18. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but when I connect to the server, it defaults to the 3rdPersonExampleServer Map rather than the custom map made.

  19. Hi, when i convert my project to the sources, i can't open it anymore with Unreal Editor.
    On the thumb picture, the version is : "?" So it propose to rebuild but it can't and say : built it with IDE.
    Thank you for yout tutoriel, do i'm wrong somewhere ?

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