How to Make a Homepage in WordPress Using Elementor

How to Make a Homepage in WordPress Using Elementor

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This simple Elementor homepage tutorial will help you to create a good-looking homepage for your website. More sections, buttons, and better visual design of your website’s homepage will be more pleasing when finished with Elementor. This guide will also help you improve your skills in using Elementor and using its elements. Creating a WordPress website has never been so easy!

🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – Starting To Create Homepage From The Scratch
00:45 – Creating New Page For Your Homepage
00:57 – Starting Editing Your Homepage With Elementor
01:16 – Adding A New Section To Your Homepage And Customizing It
01:37 – Making Adjustments To A New Created Section
06:20 – Adding A Button Underneath Homepage Text
07:50 – Adding A Heading To A New Created Section
11:32 – Adding Star Ratings To Your Homepage
12:48 – Adding “Start Learning” Section
18:02 – Adding Spaces In Between Elements Of Your Homepage
19:15 – Changing Homepage to New Homepage That You Just Made
19:31 – Creating New Page For Blog Post


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The first step to create your homepage is to create a new page for it in your WordPress dashboard. After creating a new page for your homepage you can start editing it by using Elementor. Elementor has many different elements that you can use while creating your own project and it is very handy to everyone, especially for beginners as it gives an opportunity to experience the drag-and-drop feature while creating your website.

The main things that we are going to do today are adding new sections to your Homepage, adding buttons, headings, and making adjustments by creating star ratings, adding various different additions that make your website look good and comfortable to use.

After this lesson you will know:

👉 How to make a homepage in WordPress from scratch and edit it with Elementor.

👉 How to add new sections, buttons, headings, Star ratings, and spaces on your Homepage.

👉 How to change your Homepage to the one that you’ve created recently!

👉 How to create a new page for the blog posts.

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  2. I have a question here…how can we do a seo of such pages build with elementor… where there is no fucus keywords added?

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