38 thoughts on “How To: Make Your Hard Drive on WiFi (Personal Home/Office)

  1. If I was able to connect via usb to router how can I prevent guests from connecting to my router to access the files? I do have guest access and I've hidden my primary wifi connection.

  2. Idiotic way, u r making me laugh
    U r telling kindergarten computer tricks

    Thats not cloud ☁️😁😁😁
    Buy a usb modem, settings -wifi extender/repeater , insert microsd card and hook up to power bank

  3. While people put you down and saying what this is and is not, it is, in fact, cloud storage as everyone in the house can access it. WOW – I say thank you and give it a 10/10 I had a 2TB external sitting around and it's now for the whole family to share.

  4. No no no basic guide but not matching with title or what i expect i need something that i can access from mobile and computers

  5. It's exactly what I needed but you were way too quick and was hard to see what was on your screen…. Please do another video but treat us like we don't know anything please…..

  6. Quick question, can I attach an external hard drive to my router and clone my MacBook hard drive wirelessly with Carbon Copy Cloner???

  7. If I turn off the first computer – I won't see the hard drive. What about a Hard Drive simply connected to Router?

  8. I want to REMOTELY connect my 2Tbyte external BACKUP hard drive using WIFI to my router then via WIFI to my computer. So if my house is robbed, the BACKUP is hidden and will not be stolen. Seems simple but no-one seems to know.

  9. Your wonderful sitting at the beginning of the section
    When you open the device box
    Indicate the beauty of your spirit, your simplicity and your confidence in yourself
    With the spirit of his wonderful childhood
    I loved it very much

  10. Sorry this didn't work .. some of the steps weren't even available …you talked so friggin fast it was hard to see what you were doing ..you typed something in the shared name field but didn't say what you did … it got worse from there as a former teacher I'll have to give you a D- for this….

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