How To Manage Website Resource Usage In cPanel (RAM, CPU, Inodes, etc.)

How To Manage Website Resource Usage In cPanel (RAM, CPU, Inodes, etc.)

We thrive off high-speed web hosting at NameHero! One of the ways we accomplish this is by specifically allocating resources to each Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting package. In order to be fully transparent with our customers, we provide real-time viewing of these resources right inside of cPanel. This way you can easily view, manage, and control your usage and decide when it’s time to upgrade. There is no website to large we cannot handle at NameHero!

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8 thoughts on “How To Manage Website Resource Usage In cPanel (RAM, CPU, Inodes, etc.)

  1. Hi Ryan, thanks for the video. I'm currently having issues with my website. My host suspended my account siting abuse of resources. I have no idea what could have caused it. I moved the website to another hosting account I had and still seeing performance issues. 503 error, entry process 60/60. I'm really in a fix and would need some help. If I can get it from namehero I'll move my website instantly

  2. I have a web development project planned in future and it might result in a lot of files being generated so I was looking up some management tips. I have good server experience but I usually learn something new from watching any video. This was a very informative video, Thank you.
    I don't generally watch and finish long videos on YouTube, especially when the likes to dislikes ratio is a bit off. However, I finished it all and learned something new.
    I think the reason for the dislikes is probably because this video doesn't say NameHero in the title, some people might have been expecting it to be totally generic.

  3. Hi Ryan, this might be a silly question but I feel I have to ask it. If I sign up for the herobuilder, it says I have 10gb of space. But my hosting plan already gives me 250,000 files since I'm with the Plus package. So which one is it?

  4. Hello.Have a good day.

    First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your original and explanatory education…I bought the theme and installed it, and after doing it gives an Out of Memory Warning.After installing the theme, WordPress started to give CPU Problem.What should I do for the CPU problem?

    Thank you!

  5. you made the idea of starting hosting business easy , thank you … i did download all your videos and studying everything about the reselling 😀 wish me luck

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