How to Migrate Site to Managed GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

How to Migrate Site to Managed GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

In this video, I’ll walk you through all the steps required to migrate your website to the managed GoDaddy WordPress Hosting platform. We’ll specifically be migrating a website from GoDaddy’s cPanel hosting to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plan.

00:59 – Enter WordPress Admin & FTP info
03:41 – Once migration is finished…
04:38 – Login to your WordPress Admin; TEST TEST TEST
– Correct theme is active, and it looks just like your existing site
– Your theme options are correct
– Your plugins are installed, activated, and working properly
– All posts, pages, comments & custom post type content is there
07:02 – Switch from testing domain to your LIVE domain
– This example goes from a GoDaddy cPanel site to a GoDaddy managed WordPress site.
08:11 – Release your domain from cPanel
09:20 – Apply your domain to your new WordPress hosting account
12:49 – Confirm that your site is hosted on the new WordPress account
13:39 – What your My Account area will look like
14:02 – Cancel your old hosting account (or let it expire)
16:06 – Delete the migration user from your WordPress Admin

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35 thoughts on “How to Migrate Site to Managed GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

  1. Fantastic video! Thank you for your time and detail. Do you have any thoughts on whether it's worth the effort to move cPanel –> Managed WordPress (both with GoDaddy)? I'm having a hard time getting a clear pros vs. cons of the two systems from GoDaddy's product pages. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Page (Migrated from AMPforWP)

  3. Hi, I'm new working with wordpress, so there's something I'm not so sure. I have a WordPress site hosted on a Linux cPanel hosting from GoDaddy, can I use this same steps to migrate the site to the GoDaddy Managed WordPress or the process is different? Thanks for the help.

  4. Godaddy should have a plugin to do this… I've used WP Engine in the past and all I need to do to migrate is install their plugin and it does the rest. It's disconcerting to see that there isn't a quick and easy way to migrate from a localhost. In order do this manually, you have to go into your database and replace all the table prefixes. It's not an easy task for me and I've been doing it for years, I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a novice.

  5. I am currently trying to do this. I do not have the server information or current host info. So I doubt it will be possible. But the question I have when I get this sorted at and migrate my current wordpress site to godaddy….will this hurt google rankings at all?

  6. Great video. Thanks. Can I use more or less the same method to transfer a website that I built a while ago from my Managed WordPress account to another person's Managed WordPress account if I have the log in details for both accounts?

  7. Make a video on How to migrate site in godaddy managed wordpress hosting from a third-party hosting?

  8. after doing this, can I transfer the domain to wordpress and just have full control only from wordpress?

  9. THank you for the clear directions!! If I have a site already loaded on the URL I plan to migrate to, does it automatically overwrite or do I delete files first?

  10. Using this method GoDaddy only forces you into paying them more MONEY, $7 – $25 per month, just to have a website on your GoDaddy Account. THANKS FOR RIPPING ME OFF

  11. How do I go about this if my site is still in localhost? It's finished and ready to go live, it just needs uploading. Do I follow the same process? Great video, btw.

  12. One of the most intuitive and easily understandable tutorials. Exactly what I needed. Concise and clear. Much appreciated!

  13. Well Done, Thank You!
    A client contacted me today after renewing several domains. GoDaddy said he needed to migrate the WP sites. But when he asked for some documentation, customer service said they didn't have any instructions for it. Maybe the agent just didn't know. I'm glad I found this! It saved me a lot of hassle!

  14. Here is my scenario I purchased a hosting and a domain from godaddy one year back.It is a linux shared hosting and I installed wordpress on it. Site is in Good condition. Now i want to buy another hosting from godaddy and want to move the site from old one to new along with the domain. So what will be the procedure for that. I want to keep the domain name same.I do not want to renew the old hosting. But I will renew the domain. Please help me with this.

  15. This was a great video and very timely for me. I'm wondering if anything is different if I'm moving from a non-WordPress site (Bluehost) to a WP hosted site with Go Daddy? I didn't articulate my question very clearly but I'm hoping that someone with more knowledge can comment.

  16. Great video, GoDaddy should hire you to do video tutorials on their site. I just called their support, looking for….well support. But mostly confirmation on what I already know about moving a site and the customer service rep said it's very difficult to migrate a site and there are tons of steps to move it. You have to download files, extract databases, etc etc. He was a very uneducated employee about their Managed WordPress solution. I was simply moving from economy hosting at GoDaddy to their Managed WordPress hosting – aka in house hosting. Your video gave me the confirmation I needed to go ahead and do it, without compromising the site in the process.

  17. My web builder claims she tried to upload the site and it wont let her because some of the files are Godaddy specific and cant e touched and now she needs to change them is this correct??

    Is this ignorance.

    will the godaddy system adapt this files autocratically without corrupting the website once it is migrated automatically?



  18. Hello, I have a local server with my website almost ended. How do I make to migrate to Godaddy in this way? Greetings!

  19. after the site is migrated over, does it create a new php-mysql database? i want to delete what appears to be the old one in my cpanel hosting but dont want to harm the active managed WP site. Thanks, great video!!

  20. Hi sold my domain name with a website, how do i transfer everything from the website to the new owner, regards.

  21. Superb video! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Very nice presentational style too btw. :o)

  22. My question is what if I skipped that part in the beginning of setup, I have the default domain name, but i opted for new site because i didn't want to connect the new site just yet, is there a way to change that default domain name to the actual domain name for the current wordpress site i have?

  23. Thanks, this was very helpful. Nice to be able to see the process before attempting it. Thanks for the clear explanations.

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