8 thoughts on “How To Migrate Your Website To DreamHost With A Shared Hosting Account

  1. Hi Dreamhost Team! Thank you for that fantastic release. Is this option also available on VPS accounts? That’s the one I have, but I am using wordpress sites only.

  2. I have a couple of sites on an old partner's DH account that I've been meaning to move over for like 2 years to my own DH account. Can I use the migration assistant to move over just those sites? I obviously need to leave their sites on the account (I do still have access to the old account for entering the key, etc.). I knew there was a reason I put off this awful task… just needed a plug in haha!

  3. Can this plugin be used to migrate WordPress sites from the staging or development environment from another hosting platform such as Pantheon.io?

  4. I don't understand one thing.. how is this migrating your site from another hosting provider? Do I have to specify where my site is hosted at the other provider?

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