34 thoughts on “How To Move / Transfer A Domain Name To A New Host / Owner / Person / Or Account

  1. My domain name was set up by someone who used their email account and info on my behalf to register the domain for my yahoo small biz account .

    My email stopped working a month ago and I called yahoo ( call centers in India) and they told me the account is registered under another persons email and they told me that person is the owner and that I’d have to do an involuntary transfer because the person who created it for me I told them is not responding to my requests to put in my credit card info . That was 5 weeks ago – now after sending in all my proof ( my credit card was paying automatically for this service for upteen years ) they then tell me thstbcantbestsblishntrue ownership and I’d have to either get joint signatures ( I can’t get his signature ) or a court directive .

    .My email went down when I ordered a new credit card. The cvn on the back changed and my automatic payment to yahoo small biz didn’t go through and the web site and subsequent business email I was paying through my credit card went down as well.
    But I’ve had other cards in the past renewer and this never occurred . I guess that’s the problem . They are not all that direct yahoo about this situation.

    So Yahoo won’t accept over the phone my updated credit info since I didn’t create the web for my business account .. I paid for it but my host designer ( who doesn’t respond) only has the ability to change the ( my) credit card info to get my email up and running .

    The only way yahoo ( i guess everyone does ) will update my credit card info into this account I’ve been paying till ( credit card cvn change ) is if I do it in my account .That account was created and registered in the designers name but my credit info was pinched in all those years ago , but all of a sudden it’s down

    However since it went down and my domain creator set it up for me and is not available to help me : I’m up the creek without a paddle .

    I’ve shown proof of my business on line , my address on line or the web and credit card statements to yahoo ( I faxed and email )but now yahoo wants me to get a court directive .

    Any suggestions of how an involuntary transfer works . I did call up the person who designed and I paid and set it up for me but no response .

    What’s your thoughts I’d appreciate it as the email has been a going concern for 14 years .

    Appreciate any suggestions

  2. Can you change your home address at a later date on your domain and will the old address show up or be found once up dated?

  3. hi, so I just want to connect my domain name to my website. I do not want to transfer. how do I know if my website has has been connected?

  4. too much rambling. i dont care. get to the point. i came for one thing and i want it quick. hopefully that helps improve your channel

  5. Your videos are so good, that i made my website by myself from your tutorial videos.
    I had a query to ask. If i transfer my domain to other hosting will my website transfers along with it?

  6. Sir I am from India …your channel is like an University … Anyway I have one small question …I have wix website with big rock domain ..can I continue my domain with hostinger in future. If I don't like wix …..
    Please need the answer

  7. Thank you Adam, just transferred 2 domain names from Godaddy to namecheap. Godaddy is the WORST! They screwed me so bad I had to contact the Better Business Bureau 🙄. Anyway, moving everything away. They don't make it easy. Thank you for making it easy, I clicked your link below and the transfer is now done. You are a savior.

  8. So if I have a bluehost domain which I plan to sell on Sedo, what would happen? Will it no longer be hosted by my host account?

  9. If I currently have a domain name registered on google and I am RANKING # 1 on google. How does the domain name transfer to new host affect my ranking????

  10. Sir Hi How Are You Kindly Solve My Problem I Have A Same Problem But I can't solve It Please Help here

  11. You talk a lot of nonsense first. Please come to the point. I've been following you for years and this is the worst part of your videos. You just speak a lot that are not necessarily important. Just come to the topic, show how to do what the topic demand, thats it.

  12. Hello sir,
    I want to know how to transfer web site(WP SITE) to another buyer. Simply I can create WP site but I want to know how to transfer that web site to another buyer. Please do video or give me link please

  13. I have 11 years old corporate website. We are using wp 5.2 and want to migrate to 7.2. Currently I am facing problems with j's if i want to ad any thing new like wp mega menu bar plug in. Things are missing. If I migrate is it going to impact my seo ranking. Please help. This is very important for me i am stuck

  14. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! But… you broke my heart with your comments about GoDaddy. 🙁 They have saved me over and over again while I was learning how to do what I do. Don't worry, not breaking up with you. lol

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