How To Overhaul An Old Website To New Website The Right Way [5 Step Process]

How To Overhaul An Old Website To New Website The Right Way [5 Step Process]

In this tutorial, I will show you how to not screw anything up when it comes time to remake your website. Most people skip a step and it becomes a complete disaster.

Local Tutorial
RankMath Tutorial

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46 thoughts on “How To Overhaul An Old Website To New Website The Right Way [5 Step Process]

  1. Hi Adam, I am using UpdraftPlus -> Dropbox for backups as per your recommendation and have had no problems 😉 (being a user of BackupBuddy lifetime, which has been a total waste of time & money).
    Are you using WPvivid now instead? And more to the point, do you reckon it would be a good move for me and the several sites I look after.
    Thanks again for the great info.

  2. This seems to be for migrating website to a new domain. I want to migrate same domain and website to new hosting. I want to leave hoatgator for cloudways so how do I do that? Thanks.

  3. Prob'ly a dumb question, but… is there an advantage of using RankMath's redirect option vs doing it via Google Console?

  4. Hi Adam, your videos are helpful thanks a lot. I hope you can reach an audience not in the US. For example I need to migrate and looking for the best plan closest to China without ICP

  5. I built a learndash website, following your direction, but now i want to add in buddyboss. Do I disable learndash to install buddyboss? I'm completely lost!

  6. QUESTION: could you please do a literal whiteboard version of this — a basic flowchart ?

    Which URL or WP-install are you on during redirection in the RankMath step?
    Old:Temporary URL or the New Install/URL?

    If creating a site on a Cloudways Temporary URL and then migrate to actual (or new) domain, do you need to redirect? Or, can you change the domain on the Temporary URL install without migrating?

    Thanks for your help!

  7. Love the channel – I think you should have told them about All In One Migration – super simple migrations for free & to re-direct using hctaccess instead of a plugin. It's super easy too and doesn't require a plugin…I understand you should probably have Yoast or RankMath but personally prefer Yoast after using both on so many sites.

  8. this video was just recommended to me. I changed a domain name a month ago, I just setup a CDN and installed SSL today. What a headache

  9. Hello just a little question here @ 9.33 are you setting the redirection from the admin panel of the old site or from the new one ?

  10. If I create the copy to a subdomain, will the new website have a different database name or do I have to do it?

  11. Hi Adam! Great info…my question is that I have created a new wordpress website on my local server. So you mean to simply restoring the database instead of database +files! I can get all my orders and customers on the new site?

  12. Thanks for the video. I still wonder how to work with urls. How can I tranfer the new site to the old site and keep every page's urls to be the same as the old ones… WOuld love to see you do that in a video. May be you have done one already.
    Thanks for all your knwledge sharing!

  13. I have a question please Adam. I want to recreate my current site which was made with html onto wordpress. Would the 301 redirects in Rankmath work for html pages as well as wordpress? Thanks for all your great videos, I've really learned a lot from you. Cheers!

  14. Great video! Do you know any plugin that includes image + code optimisation for free? Right now I'm using imagify (thumbnails generated by it are messing with pagespeed score) and a separate cache plugin.

  15. Thanks so much for this, Adam! I've been looking for the essential plug-ins/process for my first website redesign project and your tutorials really helped big time! Thank yooouuu!

  16. Perfect timing. Audio volume of music is sometimes SLIGHTY too high for my attention span. But like the selections!

  17. Right on, Adam! Just what I needed right now.
    Question about piecing two of suggestions together: If I switch to one of the hosts you recommend, I cannot use a staging subdomin there, because the main domain still has to point to the old host during the staged oberhaul.
    What to do? Rebuild the site with a dummy domain at the new host? (Local is not an option because the team and client need to chime in.) How to safely throw the switch when ready?

  18. Question about redirects. Do you have to do a redirect for each url on your website, i.e., Home page, About, Contact, etc. or is there a way to do a global redirect for the entire site? How about blog post urls? If you have a lot of blog posts do you have to do a redirect for every one of them? Thanks

  19. How do you make websites for people on WordPress? Do you tell them they have to update plugins after your work is finished? I'm wanting to do some freelance work.

  20. On my newest project, I've installed WP Staging and have been working with that. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  21. Hi, I appreciate your work and I personally learn many things from your videos… Kindly make a video on scrolling news/posts and linking blogger to WordPress, how can we display posts from blogger on wordpress like scrolling the title of post from blogger on wordpress website…. sorry if I am unable to clear my point…

  22. 13:00 – Very very important. Keep your staging WordPress invisible for the search engine robots.


  24. Solid advice Adam. We all forgot the Search Engine checkbox at some time 😉 One tip – using the WordPress native Export / Import features, can be one way to transfer only the content you want to the new site – I usually add all the posts to a temporary "To be exported" category, and export only that. That should also copy only the media used in those posts to the new site, leaving out all the old junk.

  25. Thanks Adam, love your tutorials, they are always full of valuable tips & tricks. Adam do you have any tutorials you can recommend on how to migrate a domain over to SiteGround without breaking the client's email?

  26. Hello wpcrafter. How can i make membership funnel ? What i need ? I want membership recurring every mounth … Cart flow, wp subrybcyion and learndash ? Thats all ?

  27. Great video as ever Adam and timely too as a couple of other people have said the same. I'm just looking to do a rebuild/theme transplant on a site which I built a few years back. Unfortunately however it's one of those themes you don't like from Envato market (Enfold). Good theme, back then and a good all in one solution, but I'm into Elementor now and want to rebuild.

    Problem I face is that the site is huge, and content gets added pretty much every day. Cant really think of a way in which to change the theme on a staging area as by the time I'd staged it, changed theme and fixed all of the formatting issues that that would bring there would have been various other posts up on the site, so tracking it all would be a nightmare – realistically its going to take months as its about 80 pages and then 4-5 years of daily posts.

    So a rebuild looks inevitable if I want to change theme, however what I think I'd be inclined to do is to only include posts from this year on the rebuild. Not sure how that will effect its ranking on search engines though – currently we don't massivly optimise the posts anyway as there's a lot of embedding of documents and pdfs so the onpage content wouldn't really rank high for the keywords and it's an educational site so it's not something whereby we're looking to attract customers from outside of the staff, students and parents.

    Would you say rebuild and only doing the last year of posts would be the way forward?

    Great content as ever – thanks!

  28. Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately my siteground account still hasn't changed over to the site tools option. Still just cpanel.

  29. Your videos are some of the most helpful on YouTube. When I launched my blog in 2018, I knew absolutely nothing about websites. I STRUGGLED through the tech part. Now, I LOVE the tech part and build sites for others. This video came just in time. I’m considering revamping my “beginner blog.” Thank you!

  30. If you have WPvivid Pro you can also use WPvivid Staging. Supper easy supper quick supper easy 😉👍

  31. Thanks again Adam! Did you ever make a video on the designing? I mean the visual tricks and laws on how make a website look good when making it completely (with a pagebuilder) by hand? I find that even copying a good design form scratch doesn't give the same satisfaction..

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