33 thoughts on “How to point domain name to an IP Address of VPS Server

  1. Hello i am using this scenario to Configure the Direct Access Server where i followed all steps right from creating the domain and pointing the public IP to this domain. How will i assign the public ip address to a network adapter where one is for internal connections and the other one for external traffic as i dont know what is the subnet mask. please guide. Thanks.

  2. Otimo video, obrigado por nos ajudar faz muitos dias que estou procurando um video assim e finalmente encontrei esse.
    Por favor faz um video explicando como colocar protocolo SSL em sites hospedados em VPS.

  3. I have a serious question Sachin. I am stuck. Please help me. My problem is
    I have a website presently hosted on GoDaddy and registered to Cloudflare. Now, as I wanted to upgrade my server as it is very slow, I purchased a VPS server from Hostinger. I am unable to set up the server now as I am not technically sound and neither I have anyone to help me. Now my question is, Should I disconnect my domain from Cloudfare then only I can direct my domain to Host IP?
    Please help me and if you can reply to me , please reply to me on [email protected]

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  5. i have vps with fastweb and domain name from godaddy.i configured domain name pointing to my vps server but not working.

  6. my isp block port num 80 and 53 and maybe all but only 6881 and 6882 ports are open. .. so how can i connect my web server and dns server connect with domain …. by pubilc ip

  7. Can I use a vps server from profitserver and domain name from godaddy ?? and points the godaddy domain name to profitserver vps server ??

  8. The search for domain names usually returns an IP address. A reverse search returns a name when the IP address is given. Use the domain "in-addr.arpa" to find a domain name of the IP address. The IP address must be inverted in order to search for the name correctly.

  9. My domain is already pointing to main server ip. but after these all are set up. try to open my domain in web browser it says refuse to connect (Err_Connection_Refused Error), this doesnt only happen in pc but any device that open the domain. Anyone could help? Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I want thank you very much,
    please can you help me.

    I have configured dns name on my server, so I have two domain:
    1- www.domaine1.com:7000
    2- www.domaine2.com:8000

    it s runinng fine on the server, I have bought two domains names, I don t know how to point this domain to server.

    Please can you explain to me how, please give me a hand of help.

    Thank you

  11. Hi i like your video my ip address is and i woud like to change to 73.2.634.216 how to do it ( I build my web hoster ) Thanks

  12. change the style of ur indicating cursor which u r using for explanation, trust me this is highly irritating.

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