7 thoughts on “How to Publish and Subscribe to a CloudMQTT Broker

  1. Can anyone help me to explain what menu "USER" at the left sidebar is use for, I tried to create a user in that menu and login with that but it doesn't work

  2. Nice tutorial. How to create a local network mqtt server from my PC using VMWARE. I have been trying this a long time and failed to access outside my pc. I Installed mosca server using Node.js. I also tried mosquitto. Both works well within the PC. But unable to communicate outside my pc using the private IP and public IP. Any suggestions would be a great help. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing this video. Could you please share the same comands but for
    cmd of windows because I have problem in my MQTT which install in win. I get this error when sub or pub :C:Program Filesmosquitto>mosquitto_pub -h "m24.cloudmqtt.com" -p "17545" -u "s
    uoltghz" -p "cxSerAxxYqFe" -m "Hello methaq"
    Error: Invalid port given: 0

  4. how to generate mqtt clientID and protocol name in cloudmqtt? and also is it necessary for stadard mqtt connection?

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